What is BaaS?

Sometimes also called mBaaS, in sort this is the way mobile and web applications easily and efficiently build mobile and web applications. On a standard backend platform it lets you easily and efficiently link applications to back end cloud storage and APIs exposed by existing business applications. It also is the best way to integrate features such as push notification services into your mobile app.

Although not as well known as Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technologies, mobile Backend as a Service, or mBaaS, is now recognised as the standard platform for specialist mobile app developers and digital studios.

The big advantage of building apps on mBaaS are

  • Huge reduction in time and effort to configure and maintain a bespoke backend – letting you build apps faster (some say 60% faster) than if no mBaaS is used.
  • Keeping App Development focused on a rich engaging in-app experience rather than managing a cloud backend.
  • mBaaS gives you a standardised backend. This means its easier for you to scale. Future app builds  are easier and cheaper to maintain.
  • Management is easier with one pane of glass. Multi-tenant backends (such as Kumulos) means all your apps run on one platform
  • Better in app analytics – because your mBaaS manages API traffic to and from your app its the best place to analyse what’s happening within your app;  who is active and who is most engaged.
  • Less Cost – not just the cost to build but ongoing running costs are more predictable.


Kumulos is a multi-tenant, low cost, easy to use mBaaS built by app developers, for app developers.

We take a way the heavy lifting around building and managing your mobile app backend, so you focus on what’s important, giving your customers an awesome in-app experience.

Try Kumulos for free today.