Make PHP & MySQL Vanish from iPhone Database-driven Apps

Our initial look at the tools available for working with databases and push notifications in iPhone app development showed us that there was nothing currently ready for what we wanted. We were fed up of writing PHP and MySQL code to glue databases into iPhone apps and send push notifications. We thought there should be a better way than re-writing the same core functionality time and time again. With that in mind, we set off to develop a tool to reduce our development costs.

So now you understand a little about why we developed Kumulos, let’s take a look at what it does, and why it’s more than slightly magical.

First off, Kumulos gives you a really simple way to create a database for your iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) and OSX applications. No need to write any SQL or worry about managing the database from a command line. Our database tool was the first stage of the project and it gives you the ability to work with databases via a drag-and-drop interface.

We thought about how to make the developer’s life easier and so we started to take the repetition out of database design. Kumulos gives all of your tables a primary key (unique identifier for each record), and time created & updated fields by default. The time fields get filled in as if by magic every time you work with data, and can provide useful information for your apps.

Something we really wanted was to be able to define the relationships between data so that there’s less to think about in your iPhone app when it works with the database. We chose to abstract relationship modelling into a “belongs to” phrase. Data in the database can “belong to” other data. Pretty simple, but incredibly powerful.

Once we’d got the database tools working smoothly, we set about tackling the next challenge: how to allow you to design methods that work with the database without having to write SQL or know a web scripting language?

“I know! We can have drag-and-drop ‘actions’ that will let people build API methods from a set of building blocks!”

So, after a quick sketch, we developed an amazing interface to design API methods. It allows you to tell Kumulos what you want to do with your iPhone app’s database. By dragging. And dropping.

Once you lay out a set of instructions and hit “save”, the methods are simultaneously turned into native server-side code, and Objective-C libraries. You can achieve seamless iPhone database integration without having to write ANY of the PHP or MySQL yourself. That’s a pretty good deal if you think about it.

Kumulos manages all the nitty-gritty, repetitive stuff that slows down creating database-driven mobile applications.

We wanted to make it intuitive and fast to develop databases that could instantly talk to iPhone and iPad apps. We wanted to enable the developer to feel as if they could just jump in and start working, letting Kumulos make sure things line up properly.

The result is an incredible new tool for creating databases that can interface with mobile applications.

Sound good? Get started in Kumulos today with a FREE trial.