A Win-Win Situation

The Missing Link

Let’s take a minute to look at the rise of the internet from a gamers perspective. What it brought was fundamental to the way we play games today. Features like downloadable or user generated content and in-game communities added a dimension to games that simply cannot be achieved by other means. However it’s dawning on me that these are features that are missing from the vast majority of mobile games. Mobile game developers are missing out on the opportunities that console and ‘heavy’ platform developers have been capitalising on for years.OK sure, there’s OpenFeint a great one-size-fits-all leader board and achievements bolt-on but it’s not going to significantly extend the long-term playability (and profitability) of your game and it’s certainly not going to make it stand out from the crowd.

So let’s look at the four key reasons you should use Kumulos in your games.

1. User Generated Content

If people love to play your games, people love to play with your games. A simple level editor or world-sharing tool could add massive appeal and shelf life to your title. Users love to make stuff, and being able to share it with the world makes it even more rewarding.

2. User Interaction

Messages in a bottles, gifting bricks to friends to build hen houses – all examples of the kinds of user interaction that are becoming commonplace in today’s web based games. Normally this sort of unique database driven functionality adds unmanageable development time onto projects. Not so with Kumulos – give your game the features you want without breaking the budget.

3. Custom Analytics

Frame rates, debug info and console output – just some of the things you just can’t get with the common analytics packages available to developers. Mobile software is getting more and more advanced, so too should the data feedback mechanism. Kumulos allows you to log what you want, when you want to a central cloud powered database.

4. Content Delivery

MMORPGs are the shining light for instant content delivery, everything in an MMORPG is represented in a database. Create a new item and it immediately becomes available in-game. This isn’t true of the vast majority of mobile games. Package, re-build, test, submit to app store. Days if not weeks of messing around just to add new stuff to you game. Kumulos can change this, have your title synchronise with the cloud so that deploying content is a few clicks away. To can embed model, texture and meta data into items that are instantly migrated to all your customers.