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Top 8 Reasons Why iOS/OSX Developers Are Moving To The Cloud

So why are we all moving to the cloud? It’s simple really. We expect to be able to access our data from numerous devices. Not just Mac or PC, but a plethora of new computers that come in a variety of weird and wonderful guises. Tablets, smart phones and purpose built devices. Our customers want to be able to access data whilst taking a tube ride, at home and on the road. Our data needs to be safe and manageable. We demand reliability and for your data to be available when we want it. The cloud can help our businesses to grow. Using Kumulos, we can now build more applications without the hassle of software installation and database tuning. We don’t have to worry about scale either. We deserve better and so do our customers. What’s even better? We can now run apps on the cloud and only pay a small monthly fee for the data we use. Now that’s sweet.

– Access data from multiple devices
– Access data on the move
– Data is secure and manageable
– No software installation
– No database tuning or scalability issues
– Small monthly payments
– Share ideas with developers
– Host your own database (optional…)

We as developers are faced with false choices. Our requirements go beyond data storage and scalability. Our customers need to be able to search data, browse data and create a model for sharing it with other people. Kumulos is helping to tick these boxes in a reliable, scalable and secure environment. In beta phase two, you can even host the data on your own server. The choice is yours. Unlike other providers, we give you the ability to control and host your own data. How cool is that? We love the cloud, but if you want to make your own arrangements for hosting, thats fine too.

We aren’t just building apps for today. The cloud is helping us all to create the apps of tomorrow’s world. Lets face it; the client/server architecture of 30 years ago was not built for the web and mobile devices. This stuff was ok when dealing with a high speed, low latency LAN. But that just doesn’t cut it anymore. In a world where devices can be anywhere at any time, Kumulos can shine for you and your customers.

As we move rapidly into the second phase of beta, we are excited about the future of the cloud. We enjoy speaking to you. That’s right Stephen, Peter and Lisa. The new version of the software will be jammed full of enhancements that you want. Keep using the software and keep talking to us. We are always listening. My Skype details are below if you want to give me a buzz. We can help you with technical support too.

In other news, we’ve been getting some feedback on the proposed name change of Kumulos. Looks like Pizza Cruncher might be struggling a little…


Skype: MRomilly

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