Introducing: Hookup

We are really excited to be introducing a new much-requested feature as part of Kumulos. As you have probably guessed, this feature is called Hookup and basically allows you to import an external database structure into Kumulos so your APIs can select, insert and edit data stored in an existing MySQL database.

This means you can hook up your mobile app to any website, e-commerce or business database using the same simple drag and drop API interface that made building cloud apps a breeze.

Just enter the MySQL connection details and Kumulos automatically pulls in the table structure ready for you to build your APIs in seconds.

Not only does this save time, it provides an added value proposition for your clients and enhances your product offering with the opportunity to bring a mobile application to any existing web presence.

Other Cool New Stuff

Simple Stats:

It’s now easy to see and monitor both your global and per-app API usage. You’ll see these stats next time you log in on both the main dashboard and app dashboard.

Production Mode:

Kumulos will always allow you to create and build apps absolutely free, and you can run and test these apps on up to 25 devices – just remember to flip your app into production mode before submitting to the app store.

During Kumulos Beta, production mode is always on. When Kumulos beta closes all your apps will be safe, geared up for production and free to run for 60 days. After 60 days you can then either turn them off or sign up to our cost-effective package.

UI Tweaks:

We’ve also improved the data management features, adding, inserting and editing data is now more user friendly and easier than ever.
We’ve added a file uploader too for everyone storing images and files in Kumulos.

Apps can now be deleted – simply click on the ‘Edit’ link next to application settings and there is a facility to delete the application.