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Kumulos: Pricing

Since July, the Kumulos development team has been exceptionally busy working on a new version of the software. There are a number of major changes that will make the software faster and more secure. We have also implemented some serious improvements to the UI to make it cleaner and less technical . It’s bold, it’s bright and we hope it’s just how you like it.

Many of you have been asking about pricing and I just wanted to clarify what’s going to happen based on your feedback. Kumulos will be totally free to use while you are developing your apps. Once your app goes live on either iOS or Android, we’ll ask you to pay $10 per app, per month (subject to fair usage policy). You can also get SSL and Hookup for small additional fees. It’s that simple.

The new software will be ready very soon and when it goes live, there are a few things we need you to do. Firstly, stay calm. We aren’t just going to cut off your app. When we launch the software, the site will be down for a couple of hours, so please be patient with us on that. This is so we can transfer all of your stuff onto the new system. Whilst we are migrating the system, you wont be able to login and your data will be read only. Once we have successfully transferred all your app data onto the new system, you will be able to login again.

Secondly, you need to login to the new system where you will be able to enter your billing information and subscribe to the service. If you do not do this within 30 days, your apps will go into development mode and will be limited to 25 devices. So if your app is live on the app store, it’s essential that you update your billing information on the new system within 30 days, otherwise it’s not going to

There will be live tweets as we go, so please keep up to speed using @Kumulosdev to get the latest information. I’d like to thank you for all your
feedback and support using Kumulos, it’s helping us to understand your business and make a really cool piece of software. We’re really proud of the new system and hope you like it too!!!

Thanks to everyone who took part in our successful beta, we couldn’t have made it this far without your honesty, dedication and support. Keep talking to us because we love to listen to your comments. All of the improvements we are making are based upon your continued consultation and passion for creating sweet apps.

If you have any questions regarding pricing or your apps, please contact me directly via email [email protected]

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