App Developers: Use the cloud to turbo charge your iOS and Android mobile server backend

So there are a number of companies offering backend mobile server solutions in the cloud, to enhance you iPhone, iPad and Android apps. All provide a suite of robust features for app developers like you to get backend solutions in place quickly. So you’re looking for a mobile stack solution, but which is the best to go for?

Kumulos was the first platform of its kind in the world. Built by real app developers, for real app developers. We’re not some bloated; heavy weight VC backed Silicon Valley sloth. We’re a bunch of pale Scottish dudes trying to make cool apps and do cool stuff. We’re also proud to say we’re the first in the world in this exciting and dynamic new market category. It’s so damn new it doesn’t have a name yet.

Cloud based mobile server backend solutions like Parse, Kinvey, Cocoafish, StackMob and Kumulos help you to turbo charge your iOS and Google Android apps. Unlike the other platforms, Kumulos is completely free to use while your apps are in development. You only actually pay when your app is in ‘production mode’. We deem your app to be in production when you have it installed on more than 25 unique devices. No other platform in the market offers such a great incentive for iOS and Android developers to start harnessing the power of the cloud. When your app goes into production mode, all we ask for is $10 per app, per month. Hell, you can even use an existing data structure to get a head start on your project. It’s totally flexible and you only pay a fair price for the apps that go into the iOS and Google Android market place.

Using the cloud, when you develop your apps you can now think about new features and cool stuff for your apps. Most importantly, you can think about how to leverage more cash from your iOS and Google Android apps and your customers’ apps. Here at Kumulos, we want to do the right thing for app developers. We want to help you build cool apps that are faster and smarter than the competition. If you’re looking for a scalable, secure solution that can help you to make more monthly revenue from your apps, look no further than Kumulos.