Cloud Backend As A Service Platform: Welcome to Kumulos BaaS platform for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac OSX and Google Android mobile app development

Here at Kumulos we specialize in cloud backend as a service solutions for your iOS, OSX, Google Android mobile apps and PHP web apps. As talented and experienced mobile app developers ourselves we get asked the same question all the time, ‘What is cloud backend as a service?’ Firstly, good question because it took us a while to figure it out ourselves. Secondly, let’s do some background research on the hottest new topic in mobile app and web development ‘cloud backend as service’.

The phrase cloud backend as a service originated in the USA by some mobile app developers to try and categorize this emerging new platform. Here at Kumulos we love speaking to mobile app developers and we noticed that many mobile app developers were looking for the same thing. Many Kumulos customers and mobile app developers were looking to setup and operate their mobile backends’ for their iOS and Google Android apps to host, manage and access data via the cloud. The mobile development studios and companies seemed unable to utilise IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) offerings directly like Rackspace Cloud, Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure as they’re perceived to be too complex.

Many mobile app developers looking to create software for iOS, OSX, Android and PHP (web) found this process too challenging and most of them didn’t want to deal with the boring and time consuming stuff. Similarly, iPhone, Android and web developers didn’t want to get stuck doing mundane and repetitive tasks like building a backend platform stack from scratch. This could be achieved using PaaS (Platform as a service) offerings like CloudFoundry, OpenShift and Heroku but just didn’t provide a seamless and easy solution. Hence the term, cloud backend as a service was born out of the USA and we realised we were one of the key market players neatly positioned behind other (bigger) companies in the market. Kumulos is not backed by VC’s, its built and run by guys who develop real mobile apps for iOS, Android and a whole bunch of other platforms.

When Kumulos was first launched in beta, the term ‘cloud backend as a service’ was unfamiliar to anyone outside Silicone Valley. It turns out now everyone is talking about cloud backend as a service technology and we’re proud to be one of the original players in the space. We’re not from Silicone Valley. The Kumulos team is Scottish. If you’re not familiar with Scotland, it’s a damp island where people play golf. We eat haggis, play the bagpipes (very loudly) and hunt mythical sea monsters for fun. We also love developing sweet, kick-ass mobile apps and want to enable other iOS, Mac OSX, Google Android and PHP web app developers to do better business and make more money from their apps too. It’s not just the dudes in the valley that can play ball…

So when we discovered other people were talking about cloud backend as a service, we knew we had something. Kumulos has been part of the creation of a new product category because existing ‘infrastructure as a service’ and ‘platform as a service’ technologies were considered inadequate by many experienced and gifted mobile app developers. You could consider calling it infrastructure as a service or even mobile platform as a service but it just does not have the same ring and will not do the discipline justice. It just misses the point completely.

So that’s basically how the whole cloud backend as a service label came to be and we at Kumulos are proud to have been one of the original and best service providers in the market. The cloud backend as a service market place is rich with companies that form different parts of the mobile and cloud stack. We’ve seen some fascinating changes in this space and the overall cloud backend as a service ecosystem. There have been a start-ups in different parts of the world that have raised financial backing from venture capitalists to carve out their own unique niche. Here at Kumulos, we have a very unique niche in the cloud backend as a service market for developing apps for mobile and web. Many companies are even trying to tunnel their way into the market through acquisition or attempting to launch new and innovative service offerings. It’s no surprise that Google has been a key player in acquiring many new start-ups in the cloud backend as a service space.

Apple has been focused predominantly on developing the Apple hardware and the iPhone iOS SDK, but iCloud has seen little progress from a mobile developer perspective. Apple can focus increasingly on mobile ads and technologies such as voice recognition, creating a gap for companies like Kumulos offering scalable cloud backend as a service platforms. Amazon started off with infrastructure as a service and has moved on to platform as a service and is branching out gradually into other mobile specific service offerings. With the exception of developing the Windows Phone, Microsoft has focused instead on improving Azure infrastructure as a service and is also gradually moving towards platform as a service offerings.

Here at Kumulos, our belief is that you can only become a major player in the mobile market place by being a comprehensive cloud backend as a service platform. Kumulos offers a full feature set that every mobile and web app developer needs to get their apps into the market place, making money, faster than the competition. That’s the edge that Kumulos gives you as a developer, we actually understand how to help you do better business as app developers.

As one of the worlds original cloud backend as a service platform’s (BaaS), here at Kumulos we intertwine infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and mobile API’s. Every month Kumulos serves over 1 billion API requests across thousands of apps. Kumulos is enabling dynamic apps to be built seamlessly and deployed across multiple platforms, helping app developers across the world to do better business and make more money from their mobile apps. Welcome to the mobile cloud and backend as a service (BaaS) infrastructure, welcome to Kumulos.