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How to Build a Successful iOS App – devhumor

When you’re just starting to get into app development, it can seem like an uphill battle. You’re surrounded by app success stories like Angry Birds or Instagram and it seems like everyone else knows exactly how to make the big bucks whilst you’re stuck still trying to get your app to load its homepage without crashing.

Image of how to be a successful app developer

image courtesy of Techcrunch

Don’t despair, you are in the same boat as much other app developers, many of whom are older or younger than you might think. As app development as an industry has taken off, it’s expanded to the point where nearly everyone is taking a crack at it, to varying degrees of success.

So how can you avoid the pitfalls and pull yourself out of ruts?

If only there was some kind of humorous guide (or trusty mobile backend as a service provider) to help you…

Well, you’re in luck, on both counts. As that trusty mobile backend provider, we at Kumulos have a fun diagram made by veteran app developer Frédéric Descamps, a French astronomer and engineer who, three years ago, developed the iPhone app Starmap.

It essentially acts as a virtual reality overlay of the night sky, where users point their phone’s camera at the starry sky and the constellations in view will be highlighted, as well as planets and stars which can be tapped on to provide more info.

At 4 million downloads since its launch, Starmap has done well for itself, and using the memory of the “joy” and “pain” that he experienced during development Dechamps has created this amusing and interesting flowchart to take you from idea to a successful app.

Click on the image to open it in a full size window to appreciate devhumor in all its glory.


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