Vision Mobile: Our Friends in Market Analysis

Here at Kumulos (Backend as a Service) we’re taking a break from our regular schedule to tell you about a rather awesome market research and analysis firm that can very much aid mobile app developers. They are called Vision Mobile.

Based in London, this team of 10+ market veterans applies their knowledge to, in their words “distill market noise into market sense.”

Founded 5 years ago by Andreas Constantinou – who has been working in the mobile industry since the early 2000s –  Vision Mobile has grown substantially to become a well respected name within the mobile market analysis industry, with clients ranging from small start-ups all the way to massive household names like Vodaphone, AT&T and Microsoft.

Market Mapping

As their motto says, they specialise in taking the massive amounts of data available from the ever expanding mobile industry, breaking it down and then presenting it in an easy to understand and easy to use form. The best example of this is definitely their Mobile Industry Atlas.

The Atlas is a massive, interactive visualisation of the entire mobile market ecosystem with over 1700 companies in the 90+ sectors that cover the industry, from handset manufacturers to network providers and everything inbetween, and how they all interact and fit together.

This is obviously not just interesting, but a very useful piece of information for anyone in the industry who wants to know the overall topography of the ecosystem they’re involved in.

Also in this area they have the 100 Million Club, which is a bi-annually updated list of the biggest players in the mobile industry. You can download it in infographic for free form from that link,

Research Reports

Vision also use their research to create reports and infographics on new and current trends and statistics in the mobile industry.

One of the most useful to mobile app developers at the moment is their Developer Economics 2011 report that covers the developer experience from the moment your app idea comes into being right up to when you start making money from it. Thanks to their sponsorship from BlueVia Vision can offer this infographic for free, get it right here.

There’s also a recently released report on cross-platform developer tools available to developers right now, their prices and where to find them.

You can take their latest Developer Economics 10-minute survey and win prizes at It  takes 10 minutes and fill out their survey and enter a draw for great prizes: including an iPhone 5, a Samsung Galaxy SIII, a Galaxy Tab 2, 2 x Nokia Lumia 920, Blackberry Dev Alpha and a 4G LTE Blackberry PlayBook. Nice!

Executive Seminars

Vision also offer executive seminars designed to teach corporate leaders about the mobile industry.

One of the seminar topics is Mobile Innovation Economics. In the words of Vision, it “provides an in-depth analysis of the economics of mobile apps and platforms, business models, agendas and strategies of leading over-the-top players (Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, startups) and app store economics.”

The Android Game Plan is their other seminar. It comes as a 3 hour course that pulls down the walls around Android and Google’s mobile strategy; an invaluable boon to any company planning to move into the mobile world of Android through an app or otherwise.

Finally they also do research into Marketing Strategy and trend analysis. Their latest trend report called Mobile Megatrends 2012 is their 5th annual report that dissects the major trends in the mobile world for all those who are interested.

If you’re a mobile developer or involved in the mobile industry, Vision Mobile could give you the edge on information that you need to take your mobile business to the next level.

Speaking of next levels, if you’re an app developer in need of a mobile backend as a service, we at Kumulos are ready and waiting for your call with a robust mobile backend and on demand tech support, we can turbo charge your app development and get your app launched.

And the best part is all that is free when you sign up, so why not do it today?