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Raspberry Pi gets its own app store. A new Market for Mobile Backend as a Service?

Have you heard about Raspberry Pi? Well if you haven’t you probably should stop reading now and go look it up. It’s okay, we’ll wait.


Excellent, as you know now Pi is a not-for-profit bargain bin priced computer that’s designed to be hacked, torn up, reassembled, mutated and otherwise used and programmed in any way you can imagine and it’s become immensely popular because of this.

To date they’ve shipped closed to half a million units and have had twice as many orders for the little circuit board computer, with many of these units going to children who are looking to learn the ropes of programming and computer hardware. The beauty of course, about Pi, is it’s so damned cheap (as little as £20) that even if you destroy it in some ill thought out experiment, you can buy another one for as much as it costs for a large pizza and coke at your local takeaway.

With so many people using and programming and creating on Pi, it was only a matter of time before the amount of user created content made it viable to organise it into one place.

And so the Raspberry Pi App Store, called the Pi Store, was launched yesterday; just in time for Christmas.

The store is a place for Pi developers to share games, apps, tools and tutorials with the Pi community and will run both paid for and free “with tip jar” styles of distribution.

The hope for the founders of Raspberry Pi is that they’ll be able to encourage kids, to create and share their creations with the expansive Pi community and whilst they’re learning new skills and making new friends, they can also earn a little pocket money on the side.

We at Kumulos (Backend as a Service) think this is a fantastic idea.

We’ve already seen that app development for the smartphone and tablet market has allowed some incredibly young talent to get involved and start making money for themselves, and with the Pi store, we think that it’s a perfect place for future app developers and programmers to cut their teeth in a much less competitive environment. In much the same way a company will take on a Start-up to incubate it through the growing period of the business, at Kumulos with our mobile backend as a service can see the Pi Store enabling a similar process for programmers and app developers.

What does this mean for app development then?

Well, it means that it’s very likely we’ll soon see a whole load more young and talented developers arriving on the scene in a couple of more years for one.

What it also means is that there is, yet again, another new market for experienced app developers to get into and also a potential market for mobile backend as a service providers like us at Kumulos to get involved in taking devs from Pi apps to iOS, Android or now, Windows 8 apps as well. After all, many apps, regardless of what OS they are based on, still need a backend structure to support them. And with web and server programming being a whole other kettle of fish to coding, we at Kumulos can see an opportunity for backend as a service to be able to help developers on Pi get their games and apps out there when they otherwise wouldn’t have the knowhow to make it happen.

The flexibility of Pi also, as we said, opens up a brand new area for more experienced app developers to get involved in. Always wanted to turn your TV into a SmartTV without paying through the nose? Why not use Pi and try it out? How about making your very own custom music player? With Pi you can really do as much as your imagination and knowledge allow you to without many of the restrictions placed on you by the much more tightly controlled App Stores in the smartphone world.

So developers, come one come all and tell us what you think. Is this new Raspberry Pi Store the perfect place to get yourself involved in the programming world? Or would you say just jumping in at the deep end works better?

And no matter what you decide to do, if you’re an app developer for iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8 and you need a reliable mobile backend as a service to support your app, Kumulos are your company. With added business advice and tech support as standard, all wrapped in a very manageable price, it’d be doing yourself a disservice to not sign up and try us out. After all, it’s free until your app is launched.

So why not try us out today?

After all, time is money and we can save you both.

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