Highland Titles: A Case Study

Kumulos supports a wide variety of apps that are out in the wide world, from those that help you (Distress Signal, NHS) to those that entertain, and today we’re looking at one of those entertaining apps, also known as Highland Titles.

The game was developed by one of Waracle’s own mobile and social game developers Andrew Rackham, and he was kind enough to take some time out of his day to talk to us about developing the game, as well as giving us his thoughts on mobile gaming. Andy started developing programs and games whilst he was still in High School, and he tells us that “Ever since I programmed my first application… I knew that it was what I wanted to have a career in.” After finishing High School Andy enrolled in a Game Programming degree at Abertay University in Dundee. His reasons were simple, “the opportunity to earn a living creating the products that I enjoyed in my spare time seemed too good to miss.” Waracle back in 2011 after getting his degree in Games Programming from Abertay University in Dundee and since then he’s never looked back, with Highland Titles being one of his first projects.

Highland Titles is a Facebook resource management game, commissioned by a company of the same name. The company sells small pieces of land near Glencoe, Scotland, to customers, declaring them Lord or Lady of Glencoe. “The game gives the players a bare virtual estate and allows them to expand it into a thriving settlement,” Andy tells us, “with the ultimate goal of acquiring enough in-game credits to purchase their own piece of real world land.” This of course means that by playing the game enough, you can actually earn a piece of land and a Lordship, just by putting in the time, a unique angle on the traditional problem of ultimate motivation for the players.

Andy also talked to us about how Kumulos (Backend as a Service) made his developing the game much easier, “I was initially a nervous wreck when someone mentioned servers and clients” he says, laughing, “I have always felt that my weakest area of development was networking, and Kumulos made it substantially easier to integrate this into the project.. after a short bit of time working with the system I became eager to dive into the project’s tables and APIs.”

Before he headed back to work, Andy also talked to us about what game development is to him, “I have always seen Game Development as an Industry which has the privilege to make its living from creating products primarily focused on entertaining the consumer. “ he tells us, echoing our other developers when talking about app development, “I love being able to come into the office in the morning to work on creating something that people use not because its necessary, but because they enjoy it.”

Well thank you very much to Andy to giving us a little bit of his time, and remember, if you’re a mobile developer who also loves making things people enjoy, why not talk to us at Kumulos? As Andy said, our tools will make you confident with making your own server backends for your apps and projects and make your life, and development a lot easier.
After all, if you can take the stress and hours of work out of creating a mobile backend, you’ll have time to focus on your project’s essential pieces more and therein, make a better app, which in turn will be better for you! It’s a win-win for everyone, and we’re always looking for new developers to add to the Kumulos family. So why not contact us today?

After all, time is money, and at Kumulos we can save you both.