The 5 Best Apps of CES 2013

So once again CES 2013 has rolled around and delivered a good spread of the brilliant, the pointless and the downright weird of upcoming technology. There were Samsung and Panasonic with their 56” OLED ultra HD TVs, nVidia’s Shield portable gaming platform and a self-driving Audi A7; all lined up beside 27” tablet computers, smart glasses that make you go cross eyed and a fork that vibrates when it thinks you’re eating too fast.

CES is never the best place to see what’re the next big up and comings in the app world, it’s more about the hardware rather than the software, but that doesn’t stop some seriously cool apps making their public debut at the convention and we at Kumulos (Backend as a Service) pulled together a short list of the 5 best apps previewed at CES 2013.

1. Nerokwik

With Christmas over, many of us will have acquired an extra mobile device or two to play with and make our lives more connected. The problem with having multiple devices is that it quickly becomes hard to keep them all up-to-date with each other, especially if you use one device more than the others (say you use your phone a lot more than your tablet).

And if you’re an avid picture taker on mobile devices, this can become a nightmare as you have to rifle through various different devices’ folders just to find the pictures you want.

Well, fear not, there’s an app coming soon called NeroKwik that intends to solve the photo synching problem for you.

All you need to do is install the app on all of the devices you want sharing photos and then you can take a picture with one device and it’ll automatically be available on all of them. You can also add photos to collections, called “tapestries” which resemble the photo collages you sometimes were made to do in early school.

The app is available for every major OS (so iOS, Android, Win Phone 8) with PC and Mac platform support coming soon.

2. tbpt (The Best Pet Tracker)

If you’ve got a pet, you’ll know how egre they are to go off wandering and exploring the world, usually without you! If it’s a habit of your pet, you’ll probably want to keep a close eye on tbpt. It’s a small attachment to your pet’s collar that, once secured, can be tracked through the Tracker app on your phone. The tracking is in real time with accurate locations and you have the ability to look back on previous journeys your pets have made, as well as setting up a “geo-fence” on your map that means the app will alert you if your pet goes a certain distance from the centre of the fenced area.

3. Boom Goggles

This snazzy little animation app for kids comes from a collaboration between Toon Goggles, the company behind a free video portal for kids, and Toon Boom Animation, a software company from Canada who specialise in animation technology.

Together they’ve made Boom Goggles, a fun and creative app for kids that lets them make their own cartoons frame by frame then Boom Goggles puts it all together into an animation. The best part being that you don’t need to be able to draw at all to make good things with the app the frames can be made up entirely of  clipart included in the app. If upgraded to the premium version ($2.99/£1.69) animators can upload and share their creations with friend, Facebook or good old fashioned e-mail.

4. Liquid MyConnect Studio

By now it’s not unusual to see celebrities with more than one app to their name, so LL Cool J’s recent release of MyConnect Studio isn’t much of a surprise any more. What is maybe more of a surprise is how good the app appears to be, it’s a stripped down but very functional Production Software package for music.
Based initially on Windows Phone 8, the app is designed for musicians to record, edit and produce music on their phones, wherever they are in the world. It’s already making waves in the underground recording scenes so we’ll have to see if Cool J has a hit on his hands.

5. Mindmeld

Saving the best for last, Mindmeld is fascinating app soon to be released for iOS and Android. Essentially imagine if Skype and Siri or Google Now joined forces into one super conferencing app and you’d have Mindmeld.

The app works by listening in during your conference calls and picking out key phrases and keywords, then pulling up data relevant to what you’re talking about in a side-bar. So you’ll never be lost in a conversation again, and if you’re talking about say, taking a trip Mindmeld will pull up info and pictures about your destination, or even grab cinema showing times if you’re discussing that.

Obviously this app is yet to be released, and with any technology this complex, it’s going to have teething issues, but it’s already pulled in a heap of interest from those in the app development community.

So as you can see, there’s still plenty of innovation waiting to happen in the app development world. All you have to do is stay on the lookout for those ideas and niches that people have missed or that have been hidden by other trends in the app world.

And when you spot that app idea, get on it quick, and if you need any help along the way or just want to build a solid mobile backend for your app, look no further than Kumulos’ Mobile Backend as a Service. We’ve got you covered with a competitive mBaaS platform, project management advice and tech support, so whatever you’re developing, why not give Kumulos a try today?