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OpenFeint is Reborn as OpenKit

A few months ago mobile gaming backend as a service provider OpenFeint was acquired by GREE and many of its users were left high and dry with their games facing “poor performance” if they didn’t shift to GREE’s somewhat more expensive platform.

At the time we at Kumulos (Backend as a Service) wrote about the story and also invited any developers in need of a similar Mobile Backend as a Service platform to join us on our on Mobile Backend. Well, a few months later and OpenFeint has risen from the ashes as OpenKit, an open-source Mobile Backend for games.

Announced in December, the project is nearly ready to launch into private beta with 50 developers being initially involved in making everything work. At first they had assumed that they would get a small amount of interest but with 160 developers signing up on the first day and now at 500 and climbing, there’s clearly a strong market out there for their version of a Mobile Backend as a Service.

The service launching tomorrow will be, in the words of Co-Founder Peter Relan, a “minimum viable product”, i.e. it will be launching with a bare bones set of features that will establish the foundation for the rest of the service (Cloud Storage, Player LeaderBoards, player authentication using Facebook and Twitter all being these core features).  After the service moves into public beta, they will begin to add more features and use a freemium model where the developer has to begin paying once they go past a certain amount of usage.

What’s interesting about this service is where the priorities of mobile game developers are lying these days. Whereas last year it was Leaderboards for players, now it’s all about cross platform cloud storage. As Android has been making large inroads into the mobile gaming market with increasingly high quality games and with devices being capable of dealing with much more demanding apps, it’s no longer iOS who are the developer favourite. Just as it’s become essentially universal that the gaming consoles will have the same games across multiple platforms, it’s now headed the same way in the mobile gaming world.

Of course, as this service is just beginning its run through Private Beta, and will only be launching with only core features, as an app developer, you’d be forgiven for looking for a more mature offering in the Mobile Backend as a Service world that could still provide you with a similar experience to OpenKit.

Well, that’s where we at Kumulos come in. We’ve been in the Backend as a Service business since it began in 2011 and we’ve had multiple games developed on our mBaaS platform with no problems at all reported by our developers. We run custom code, which allows developers to easily program their own APIs and methods to run in the server and means that you can tailor your Mobile Backend exactly as you need it for your game. If you need encryption, we have SSL ready to go and we also can provide a Hookup service that lets you connect to any MySQL database you already have created meaning that you don’t need to recreate data you already have inside our environment. All this is backed up with there-for-you tech support who have all used Kumulos themselves during development and so will be able to guide you through any troubles you may come across.

And the best part?

Until you launch your game, or indeed app (we’re not going to restrict you here), you don’t pay anything to have access to the tools that will create your Mobile Backend. It’s only after you’ve launched your game (and are making money from it) that you pay. And even then, it’s a very manageable $10 a month, with SSL and Hookup being an additional $5 each.

So if you’re a game developer looking for somewhere to create your next hit, or an app developer new to the game, we’ve got an Mobile Backend as a Service solution that can fit anyone’s needs, so why not sign up today and see what Kumulos can do for you?

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