When Pikachu Attacks!

When we read about the newly-added Pokémon information in WolframAlpha’s knowledge graph, we couldn’t help but be amused. You can see their stats, read about the movies, find out exactly who was in Team Rocket, and even plot the equation of a Charmander (if you really want to).

As we were flicking through Wolfram’s new pokédex, an idea struck us. What if we asked Siri about a pokémon? Knowing that Siri uses WolframAlpha to power some of its search results, we had to give it a try.

So, what is the attack of a Pikachu? See our screenshot for the answer!

While this is a pretty cool feature, and it instantly transforms your iOS device into a shiny pokédex, it isn’t particularly useful for anything. Well, other than settling the vicious Pokémon debates that rage around our office — but that’s another story.

The rate at which the world’s data is being indexed and transformed into freely-available,  searchable, information is truly staggering. This is just one small example of how this process is taking in our pop culture, assimilating the knowledge, and providing us with little distractions to ‘enhance’ our daily lives.

Although adding the Pokémon to a knowledge graph may seem like a slightly pointless endeavour, this kind of data gathering becomes useful for advertising and promotional purposes. Companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple all crunch lots of data about what products and services people are interested in, and what they may be likely to want next.

By combining users’ search habits, post contents, and viewing patterns with the wealth of information about our pop-culture, companies with such interests can make much smarter recommendations to their audiences, and even go so far as to identify when people are pregnant before those closest to them become aware of it.

It’s never been a more exciting time for app developers!

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What are you waiting for? The next Pikachu isn’t going to create itself!