Realtime App Analytics Straight from your Dashboard

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We know Kumulites love data. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, right. So we are pleased to tell you that we’ve made big improvements to Kumulos Analytics.

Checkout whats new.

Realtime App Analytics
Realtime App Analytics

The upgrade to the analytics package shows you the most important data around what’s happening with your apps.

  • Traction – How many devices your app is active on.
  • Engagement – How often your apps are getting used, whether usage is rising or falling.

We’ve also increased the granularity of what you can track, recording up to the second activity.

Daily Devices

Sure you can easily monitor AppStore downloads, but what you really need to know is how active your app is. Our daily device monitor tracks the number of devices running your app, so you can easily see if app use is growing.

App Analytics
Kumulos Analytics Daily Active Devices

Devices – longer term trends

Short term views are useful and close in the stats may look great. But to get a true view on whats happening you’ve also got to keep an eye on the long term trend.

Kumulos monthly device analytics
Kumulos Analytics Monthly Trend – Active Devices

To help you we give a 12 months view of active devices so you have that long term picture in front of you. And its easy to shorten that view to focus in on time periods if you want.

API usage

Its one thing to have the app active on devices, its another to know how engaged your users are. Low engagement means there’s a big risk of drift.  So its important to know when and how active your app users are.

  • Are you really holding their attention?
  • Is your user base as active as you’d expect?
  • Are there patterns around when your users are most active?
  • Can this shape future marketing campaigns or timings of new version releases?

So if you see usage fall following a new release, it could be an early indication of  a problem and something you need to jump on fast.

Kumulos API Analytics
Kumulos Analytics – Daily API Calls

Up-to-the-Second API call data

For apps with heavy API traffic  it’s important to keep on top of usage. So we now offer you the option to track Up-to-the-Second API data. We record real time data and to make it easy to view aggregate up to a daily view.  This way you know what’s happening and can stay on top of your most important Apps.

Change the time selection

We’ve now given you a more granular view of API activity. So if you need to shine a light the most recent API calls you can now drill down and look at just the last 3 days activity.

You can expand out view the trends up to 120 days for app use and daily device count or last 12 months for the monthly devices.

Nothing for you to do, nothing more for you to pay

To access the new features today, simply head over to your app’s statistics tab on your dashboard. The upgrade is live and waiting for you. The new improved analytics are included in your monthly fee, so nothing more to pay for our new stats package.

More to come…

There’s a real buzz of activity right now at Kumulos HQ, with lots more exciting improvements in the pipe. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and months.