Is Apple losing its shine?… Seems so.

iOS is still be the dominant operating system for tablet devices. But the latest Good Technology Mobility Index Report is starting to show interesting underlying trends in the crowded, but high growth area of tablet use for enterprise mobility apps.

Once dominated by Apple its looking like they are losing their shine, with cost aware businesses opting for cheaper Android-based Tablets. Its also interesting how traction for Windows is growing up from 4% to 11% in Q2 ’15, and commanding just 1% a short while before that. With Windows 10 mobile release and the huge cross format advantage this will give to the many businesses deeply invested in Microsoft technologies, Windows Mobile’s progress looks set to continue.

Key highlights of the report are

  • iOS fell from 81% share to 64%
  • Android showed a huge gain with 1/4 of the market up from just 15%.
  • Windows up from just 4% to 11% in the recent report.

Time will tell whether iPad Pro will revert the fall and turn Apples fortunes in this very lucrative market. But on recent reports the normal bullish Apple look less confident than normal and report to be “Conservative” over upcoming sales.

Overall Good Technologies view is what we see day to day when we talk to App Developers building Tablet Apps for Enterprise.

  • Where the Enterprise is looking for a low cost device to run workforce efficiency apps they are increasingly opting for Android. There’s a good choice of low cost devices. What’s more they can avoid the complexity and higher testing overhead that normally comes with the fragmented Android devices ecosystem.
  • Windows Mobile is increasingly becoming a viable option for businesses that are largely or wholly Microsoft. Windows 10 mobile could be the game changer for them in the tablet and hybrid market.
  • Apple are betting big (but talking small) on the iPad Pro to defend their slipping position in business tablets. Cost of the device is the biggest turn off for businesses, its unlikely that iPad Pro will see much change here.

So overall all the pointers are showing that Apple’s shine is gone and it’s only going to see Android and Windows take more and more share from iOS.