Kumulos – the top choice for mobile app agencies & best alternative to Parse

Kumulos gets the thumbs up from two leading mobile companies, listing us as the best mBaaS (mobile backend as a service) platform available today and the best alternative to Parse.

Here at Kumulos we are blown away to get two such strong endorsements from two great companies.  Both companies are themselves recognized as thought leaders in the mobile technology space and they appreciate the value that Kumulos brings in helping mobile app development agencies grow their businesses. This further solidifies Kumulos position as an mBaaS market leader and in particular reinforces how much of a good a fit it is for Mobile App Development Businesses.

Best mBaaS and best Alternative to Parse

Waracle are one of the UK’s largest mobile app & IOT development agency working across a range of sectors from pharma and healthcare to banking and utility companies. You can read the Waracle story here.

Waracle says:
“Kumulos has become our favourite mBaaS platform offering a wide variety of awesome features to help you develop, deploy and optimise your apps. What’s great about Kumulos is the fact it works well for indie mobile developers and big agencies alike.”


Best Alternative to Parse

Carnival are a world leading push notification & marketing automation platform, working with huge global brands like Coke, CNN &  Dreamworks. We’re pumped to be their top pick as the best mBaaS and best alternative to Parse. You can read the Carnival story here.

Guy Horrocks, CEO of Carnival says:
“Kumulos is an excellent solution for agencies looking to simplify the way they manage mobile data. Their flexibility, support and guidance is unmatched, especially when dealing with complex implementation questions, and their white label option is an elegant way to manage multiple projects. The team really cares about your success, which stands out in a category known for low-touch interactions and self-service.”

Kumulos is one of the longest established players in the mBaaS space. Over the years we have been highlighted by industry giants Gartner and numerous other technology blogs and review sites as one of the best mBaaS providers. We’re extremely thankful for all of the support.

Kumulos – The best alternative to Parse

In January 2016 Facebook announced it was pulling the shutters down on Parse. The Parse platform was acquired by Facebook and billed as an ‘unbundled’ platform-as-a-service for mobile development teams and agencies. Facebook closed the ‘as-a-service’ element of Parse in order to focus on developing and optimizing its own suite of mobile apps. Facebook had originally acquired Parse for $85 million in 2013 and became (to some extent) the focal point of the company’s developer offering. It made huge sense for Facebook to focus on their own suite of products rather than enabling other developers to build competing platforms. But the news sent shock-waves through the mobile app development community, and has forced developers and agencies to source new alternatives to host and manage their app projects via the cloud.

Fast forward and we’re delighted to be acknowledged as the world’s best alternative to Parse. Picking up where they have left off, we are now recognised as the best mobile backend as a service platform for Mobile App Development Businesses & App Agencies. 

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