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Top Netherlands App Development Companies

Widely known for tulips, stunning canals and “relaxing” coffeeshops, the Netherlands is also a country with a thriving tech scene, and home to some highly-renowned app agencies.

Often named alongside London and Berlin as a flourishing start-up hub, the capital city of Amsterdam is a fabulous place to do business. However, the country’s fast and efficient transport links mean that great agencies thrive across the land, with some choosing historic Den Haag or futuristic Rotterdam as their base.

With a wide selection of agencies across the country, all with unique attitudes and focuses, Holland is a great place to go looking for help with your next app project. (Geographical trivia: Holland is a region in the Netherlands.We’re still talking about the same country.) 

Ready? Grab that cup of “coffee” and let’s take a look at some of our picks for the top app development companies in the Netherlands


Based in modern Rotterdam and led by two Tim’s, Tim Nooteboom and Tim Pelgrim, YipYip develops for both iOS and Android and has a strong track record in apps, games and websites.

YipYip’s portfolio is varied and inspiring. It includes work for holiday group TUI, and the development of a “Rotterdam Pas” app for the agency’s home city.

As well as working on client projects, YipYip embark on their own technical endeavours, giving their employees plenty of opportunities to develop their own concepts and ideas. Those staff also benefit from an informal work environment, complete with unlimited fresh coffee and a “spectacular” daily lunch! YipYip’s Twitter feed seems to suggest this is a rather inspiring place to work.

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AppFellas specialise in creating “app based businesses” from “proof of concept to finished product.” They work on all mobile platforms as well as “traditional” web, and have experience of VR apps.

Led by Michael Bevz, their completed work is impressive and includes some innovative apps, such as PartyWithALocal, which boasts 150,000 members.

Anyone looking for an agency who can help with app development over the full project lifecycle would do well to check them out. They’re based a stone’s throw from the water in northern Amsterdam.

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Fenêtre, headed by CEO Eric Kruis, has been established for over a decade and delivers a wide-range of services to a variety of companies, including some household names. As well as developing for a range of platforms including iOS and Android, the company also provides consultancy and IT services, and has partnerships with the likes of Microsoft and Oracle.

Based in Den Haag, the home of the Dutch parliament, Fenêtre serves customers in a wide range of business sectors, from government and non-profit to sports and recreation. Among their portfolio, you’ll likely recognise names such as Tias and Allianz.

Fenêtre has a well-established record of corporate social responsibility, spanning donations, special initiatives, and discounts for certain organisations.

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