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3 Ways to Make Money with Crash Reporting

We don’t want apps to crash. Right? Well, even when an app does crash, there could be a silver lining there for you. We’re going to suggest a few simple ways to turn mobile app crashes to your advantage and make money with crash reporting.

So when apps crash, it’s only the end of the world if you’re the last one to know. That’s where a good crash reporting tool will save you. It’ll tell you how often the crash is happening, how many devices are impacted and let you quickly trace the cause so you can fix it fast. In the app tool world, crash reporting might not be as sexy as app store optimization or app analytics, but that’s not their strong point. Crash tools tell you the app crash facts – and just the facts. A simple administrative tool, nothing more, nothing less. Or are they?

What if you were able to use use a crash reporting tool, not just to fix apps, but as a business tool for your software development firm? Believe it or not, that unsexy hunk of log files in your crash reporting tool could be the key to unlocking additional revenue for your business.

3 ways to make money with Crash Reporting

With that in mind, here are three ways that a crash reporting tool can make you money.


No one likes it when apps crash. But it’s a fact of life, even with the best code, shit happens. Not surprising when you think of all the moving parts, like all the dependencies that apps rely on to work smoothly. Showing your clients that you are on top of the situation, and have solved problems, even before they’ve become aware of them,is the best way to show your value. It’s like you have a super hero 6th sense. But this isn’t mind power – it’s crash reporting.

It’s standard to offer a “warranty” period after the app has shipped. Most customers, and most Mobile App Developers struggle with the idea that development is for the long term. But the truth is that a stable app won’t stay that way for long unless its constantly worked. So by having a smart crash reporting tool that shows your customers all the great work you’re doing now, you’ll win them over to working with you long term. A long term client also means long term revenue stream – and you’re right there to win any follow on work they have.

An app that crashes isn’t a bad app, or bad code (necessarily) it’s just the way things are with new devices, updates to operating systems and the like. Things don’t stand still and your client needs your help to stay on top of it. Do you smell the cash?


Time is money. Right? Certainly in the mobile app business. Your resources are expensive and are often stretched. So the more efficient you can be, the more you can handle with the same headcount.  A crash reporting tool that fits tight with your business, taking friction out of how you operate, not adding to it, is the way to go. Being able to find problems fast, be alerted to critical problems, assess the impact on the user base and quickly trace the root cause will save you time and money. Ideas like linking your crash reporting tool to your Slack channel to alert you the second a new problem happen puts you on the front foot from the start. Then blending your crash reporting tool with your workflow management system, like Jira or Trello, creating tasks easily is the smartest way to get the job done efficiently. Efficiency equals productivity and productivity equals more profit.  A dollar saved is as good as a dollar earned after all.

The secret? Work smarter, not harder and make sure you are working with a crash tool that helps your business grow and lets you deal with app issues fast, so you so you deliver a great service at less cost (and stress).


It’s the same old story: a client walks into your shop and asks for an app. You deliver the app. They go away. The end.

Let’s try this same story, but look at it through the newfound lens of crash reporting. The temptation once the app goes live is to wash your hands of it and move on. But – wait a minute –  you’re missing a trick. Just because the client doesn’t agree to a maintenance contract, don’t simply dismiss them. If you still keep an eye on their app, you can keep the dialogue flowing and give them the heads up when things start going sideways. As sure as eggs are eggs an update comes along and BOOM! the app starts crashing. Having the data at  your finger-tips and letting your old customer know you still care and can still bail them out (for a fee of course)  is a great way to win follow on work from long lost customers. And once you save them once, you can bet they’ll listen to  you when  you suggest a support contract. Nothing better than a problem to focus the mind.

Fix a few breaks and you can bet they’ll be keen on a Service Contract from you to stay on top of their app.


The device and operating system landscape never stands still. There will always be the newest hot mobile device, the latest operating system update (with the to-die-for 3D VR calculator app), and lets not forget the next must-have IoT dryer. That’s great for consumers and gadget geeks, but a constantly evolving playing field can make even the best coded app eventually get buggy.

Use this to your advantage! Make sure you are using the right crash reporting tool (we have one we can recommend) and get started making yourself look good in front of your clients, producing great apps and, most importantly, keep revenue flowing into your business.

We predict you’ll soon start seeing money in your future….

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