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Best App Store Optimization Agencies 2018

To put it succinctly: there are a lot of apps out there. How many? According to our pals over at Business of Apps, as of 2017, the Apple App Store contained over two million apps, while the Google Play Store hosted a little over three million. Like we were saying – a lot.

So when it comes to developing apps for a client, how are you going to get their app noticed once it’s out and into the stores? That’s where App Store Optimisation comes in. An equal combination of art and science, App Store Optimization is the process of carefully balancing app store keywords, tweaking app meta descriptions, adding screenshots, and monitoring user reviews to ensure that an app appears at the top of the listings in the Google and Apple app stores. The ASO process has become so highly developed since the launch of the app stores, that entire businesses have sprung up to ensuring that apps are found. To aid them in this task, these agencies use a combination of available app store optimization tools, as well as proprietary algorithms, to get their clients apps to rank.

In the spirit of some of our previous posts on ranking the best mobile app agencies across the globe, we thought we’d turn our attention to the ASO business and let you know our picks for some of the Best App Store Optimisation Agencies for 2018. Our list is by no means comprehensive and it’s our first stab at this type of column, so have a read and be sure to leave a comment below if you think there’s an ASO Agency that we missed!

Now, with that being said, in no particular order, here are some of our picks:


Founded by Rodrigo Castro and Bruno Felix in Brazil, RankMyApp has gone on a quest for global domination with hundreds of apps in countries all across the world. RankMyApp uses a bespoke algorithm to monitor the keywords you already use, as well as suggesting new ones. In 2017, RankMyApp was named as one of the 34 Latin-X startups to watch by CIO magazine. They’re also heavily involved with the local development community with the Mobile Marketing Brazil event, which brings together experts like Google, Facebook and Twitter from around the mobile marketing world. If you’re looking to kick a few tires before you buy, they offers a free app analysis that shows how they can help with the ASO of your app.

Here’s a glimpse of RankMyApp giving a presentation to the MBA class at NYU.

CLIENTS: Duolingo, Sephora, Shell
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TheTool prides itself on being the App Store Optimization tool for everyone – developers, marketers, publishers, and agencies. Their slick and well designed platform gives users quick and easy metrics on statistics like organic and non-organic installs, keyword rankings and intelligence, Top Charts rankings, user ratings (feedback), conversion rate, revenue and much more. And if you don’t believe it, TheTool offers a free 14 day trial so you can try before you buy. The other cool thing about TheTool is that they even have their own app so you can check your ASO on the go!

Here’s the team from TheTool in action at the 2017 App Promotion Summit in Berlin:

CLIENTS: Verse, 8fit, fromthebench
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Redbox Mobile

Founded by Rory Mundie in 2013, Redbox Mobile is all about simplicity. They remove unnecessary steps so your app gets listed in the app store and soars to the top of the rankings in the least amount of time. The ASO industry is constantly changing and so is Redbox – they constantly strive to bring new and innovative techniques to stay at the top of the ASO game. One of their latest innovations is the BlackBox platform, an automated Apple Store Search Ad tool.

Here’s Redbox honcho Rory Mundie speaking at the launch of the Blackbox tool:

Clients: Vodafone, Universal, Tesco, and Virgin.
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ASOApp uses a special combination of proprietary tools and optimization strategies to get their clients to the top of the app store rankings. In fact, their clients see an average of 30-50% increase in organic installs. ASOApp also offers other app marketing strategies, like setting KPIs, recommending technology partners, market sizing, trend forecasting, and helping their clients build a retention strategy to keep users coming back to their apps.

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PickASO was one of the first ASO agencies in Spain, first founded back in 2013. Since then, they haven’t stopped growing and now service clients all over the gobe. In addition to ASO, they also offer services including user acquistion, app content marketing, app marketing and product strategy.

Here’s some of PickASO in action at the Applause 2017 Mobile Growth Congress in Barcelona:

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Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile was one of the first agencies to dip into the app world, having first started way back in 2007. They work with brands and apps to build deep relationships with users. Yodel’s unique offering is their Fit to Market mobile marketing program, which groups app success goals into four key areas: ASO, Searchability, mCRM and Analytics.

Yodel is also supportive of the entire mobile community, offering a free video series on their YouTube Channel to teach the basics of Mobile Marketing.

Here’s a quick lesson on Paid User Acquisition: 

CLIENTS: UKTV, The Economist, Travel Supermarket, South West Trains
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A truly global agency, with offices in Tel Aviv, San Francisco and New York, Moburst was founded in 2014 by Gilad Bechar and Lior Eldan with an eye to connecting mobile companies with users. To that end, Moburst has developed a couple of proprietary tech platforms – the Proprietary Engine and the Research Aggrivator – to help supercharge their ASO strategies for their clients. The Research Aggrivator complies data from all the leading ASO tools and monitors both Google Play and Apple App Store algorithms daily to detect andy change in trends, while the Proprietary Engine monitors keywords and phrases and offers suggestions for achieving the best ASO indexing.  In addition to ASO, Moburst also offers app development and marketing services

Here’s the Moburst team in action with some tips on getting users to approve push notifications:

CLIENTS: Google, eBay, Sony Music, Deezer
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When you hire Appsposure to help with ASO, they’re in it for the long run. To quote a line from The Graduate, with Apposure, it’s one word: “Keywords.” Their goal is to get your app keywords to rank higher, which in turn improves the visibiltiy of your app in the app stores, which leads to more downloads. After launch, Appsposure then monitors and tweaks app store keywords and listings to continuously improve downloads and app exposure. But Appsposure doesn’t just stop at ASO, they also offer services like icon design, screenshot design, localization, paid ads management, public relations and more.

CLIENTS: Illusion Labs, Flyreel, Mythic Owl
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Best ASO Agencies – Your Turn

So that’s our roundup of the Best App Store Optimization Agencies for 2018. In the end, though, we all know that “best” is relative. Some of the above ASO agencies are better suited for developers and smaller clients who want to get their hands dirty with the ins and outs of ASO, while others are better for enterprise level businesses that need to get their apps out in the stores and ranked quickly. In the end, you’ll have to look at what each agency offers and determine which makes the best fit. It’s worth a reminder that two of the agencies we profiled, TheTool and RankMyApp, both offer a free preview of their services, which might make decisions easier.

But that’s enough of what we have to say – what about you? Who’s your pick for Best App Store Optimization Agency? Feel free to leave a comment below.