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Mobile App Development Strategy – The Ultimate Guide

Mobile app development strategy might not be something you specifically think about.  For sure, you and your team specialize in mobile app development.  And, without realising it, you will be following your strategy.  For example, from that initial moment when a client comes to you with their mobile app idea to the time spent on their app store optimization, you’ve been following your trusted mobile app development strategy. Haven’t you?

Isn’t it time though that you put more thought into the steps of your mobile app development strategy?  

Next time a prospective client enquires about your agency’s mobile app development skills, why not follow the Kumulos ultimate guide to mobile app development strategy?  

Mobile App Development Strategy – Ultimate Guide

At Kumulos, we eat, sleep and breathe mobile apps. You see, we used to be you! Our founders were part of a mobile app development agency. In fact, Kumulos was built to solve the problems we had when we were mobile app developers. The same problems you have right now! So, we see it as Kumulos mission to make your work life better.  

Kumulos mobile application performance management platform is made for the business of mobile app development.

We encourage you to have a data informed approach to monitoring app performance. So, our ultimate guide to mobile app development strategy explains how to use app analytics to your advantage.

What’s more, we don’t think your job is done when the app is released to the client and app stores. You need to have an optimization strategy for the post-launch period when users are actually using the app for the first time.

So, follow Kumulos steps in this mobile app development strategy and let us know how your next app development project goes!

Mobile App Development Strategy


  • Discover – define those mobile app KPIs
  • Design – nail your UX strategy
  • Build – save development time and hassle
  • Test – create a winning test strategy
  • Launch –  perfect your mobile marketing strategy
  • Optimize – ASO like a pro to boost downloads


Discover – define those mobile app KPIs

Just like any digital transformation project, mobile app development is a journey. As for any journey in life, a bit of research beforehand will give you a smoother route.  The discovery phase of mobile app development is the time to gather all of the business requirements and determine the scope for the app. This is the perfect time to define the mobile app KPIs.

If you’re having problems defining those KPIs, why not check out the 10 questions you have to answer in order to know how your app is performing.

So when it comes to the discovery step in the mobile app development strategy, what’s involved?

  • Collect all the business requirements
  • Is the app idea viable? Look at the addressable audience
  • Decide on the scope of the project
  • Check out competitor apps
  • Do some user research

Completing the discovery step will arm you with all of the information you need to move onto the design of the app.

Want to learn more? Contact Kumulos today and we’ll be happy to discuss your client’s app idea.

Design – nail your UX Strategy

It’s very important to have a clear understanding of what you wish to achieve before you can actually begin to design a mobile app. Strategizing the design will enable you to see your product through the eyes of a user.  Afterall, the UI can determine whether the app sinks or swims!

How do you nail your UX strategy?

  • Plan to make a concise interface – less is more!
  • Include personalization
  • Decide on the colour scheme and style of graphics
  • Think about swiping, scrolling and pinching functionality
  • Install app analytics so you’ll see how users behave in the app
  • Decide how push notifications will be used in the onboarding process

Want to discuss your mobile app UX strategy? Contact Kumulos today and we’ll be happy to help you nail your app design strategy.

Build – save development time and hassle

When it comes to mobile app development strategy, this is probably the part where you already feel most comfortable. After all, you and your team build mobile apps for a living and are experts in mobile app development.

But, what is your build strategy?

At Kumulos, we take the complexity away from building and managing the server side of your app with our industry leading mBaaS.  And, we partner with a range of technology partners from email e.g. SendGrid & SMS e.g.Twilio to beacons and more.

Contact Kumulos today and we’ll be happy to tell you more about making mobile app development easier. 

Test – create a winning test strategy

Your quality assurance (QA) process can make or break your app. Your test team no doubt has it’s own strategy but make sure it includes all the essentials. You should especially ensure that they’ve tested the analytics to track future user behaviour.

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Analytics testing
  • Push notification testing
  • User acceptance testing

With Kumulos crash reporting & API endpoint monitoring, not only is testing much easier, but you have peace of mind when the app launches that you’ll be the first to know if something crashes.  

Contact Kumulos today and we’ll be happy to give you a demo of Kumulos crash reporting and diagnostics.

Launch – perfect your mobile marketing strategy

When it comes to the app launch, not only do you need to think about the app store listings but also any app promotion including email marketing, social media marketing, website listings, adwords campaigns etc.  

Here are some things to think about for the app launch.

  • Package and distribute application to the app stores
  • Prepare an app promotion plan including social media, email marketing, adwords and more
  • Prepare a schedule of push notifications including onboarding
  • Plan your proximity marketing campaigns if using beacons
  • Gather customer feedback & reviews
  • Debug and release updates
  • Schedule ongoing QA and automated testing

Why it’s ok to launch an MVP

So long as you’ve plans for 1.1 & 1.2 releases, it’s ok to launch your Minimum Viable Product. Often you do not need a perfect version of your app to be released. So long as the MVP is tested and it’s functioning, there are a number of benefits that come associated with the development of an MVP. Let’s face it, most apps in the stores today have had many improvisations and many updates following user reviews and feedback.

What’s more, we know that the hard work really starts when an app first goes live. That’s why Kumulos offers Mobile App Optimization Services. We help app owners and their software development partners, understand how app performance can be improved and work with them, during the life of the app, to deliver the best possible commercial outcome.

Kumulos makes it even easier for you to launch the next release whether that’s 1.1, 1.2 or more.  With Kumulos, you can see both the technical and commercial performance of your app in one dashboard. But don’t just take our word for it, check out how NS804 uses Kumulos to measure app success.

Contact Kumulos today and we’ll be happy to chat about your mobile marketing strategy.

Optimize – ASO like a Pro to boost downloads

Firstly, here are some ASO tips

  • Use a descriptive title
  • Use the right keywords
  • Describe your app as best as you can
  • Use high quality screenshots
  • Add an app preview video demo
  • Pick the best category
  • Focus on app icon design
  • Encourage positive reviews
  • Use Analytics
  • Re-evaluate your ASO regularly

Kumulos gives you all of the data you need to be informed about the performance of your app. Having access to app analytics and reporting makes it easy to see at a glance how actual users are using the app.

Moreover, it makes it easy to come up with your app store optimization plan. We’ve produced a playbook which will give you all of the information you need to boost downloads and become a pro at ASO.

Becoming a pro at ASO is easy when you can see how the app ranks for different search terms against competitors…and over time. If you use a tool like Kumulos, you can compare the listing and performance in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store store side-by-side. Moreover, you can track recent reviews and create weekly or monthly ASO reports for your clients.

Contact Kumulos today and we’ll be happy to give you a demo of Kumulos ASO.

6 Steps to Mobile App Development Strategy

So there you go, the 6 steps you need to follow when you think about your next mobile app development strategy.

  • Discover – define those mobile app KPIs
  • Design – nail your UX strategy
  • Build – save development time and hassle
  • Test – create a winning test strategy
  • Launch –  perfect your mobile marketing strategy
  • Optimize – ASO like a pro to boost downloads

Take a free trial of Kumulos mobile app performance management platform today and see why it’s the only platform that allows you to manage the full lifecycle of an app – both commercial and technical. Kumulos is custom built for mobile app developers and will help you drive better outcomes for your clients. Why not arrange a demo and see for yourself?