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Apple Event September 2020 – What You Need to Know

Here is your recap of the September 2020 Apple event so you can find out what new developments Apple have brought to the table for the rest of 2020. The main talking point from everyone post-event and the first question to answer for everyone was that there was no new iPhone model announced. What you will get is the iOS 14 update for your current iPhone and we did see considerable updates to service offerings as well as new models and operating systems for both the iPad and Apple Watch. Lets breakdown the event for you.

iOS 14

Released on September 16th along with WatchOS7 and TVOS 14.  One of the biggest aesthetic changes Apple has introduced to iOS in a long time will see a restyling of the homepage that now includes widgets on the home screen. These can be added by the user to suit their preference. A feature called Smart Stack will automatically update these widgets for you based on your usage. Apps also will now be housed differently in this new set-up with the ability to remove pages of apps and have your apps in the new app library giving more options to how apps are displayed. In the app library apps will be grouped based on activity with the most used remaining at the top, where they will be smartly grouped based on content by iOS 14.

Another interesting development sees Apple work towards making the iPhone able to carry out 2 functions simultaneously, that previous systems have not been able to. Features such as a Siri answer or an incoming call will now display as a notification at the top of the screen opposed to stopping you from using your phone for other functions as previous. Video can now be collapsed to a smaller window and will still enable you to watch whilst you navigate through other apps.

Apple are now introducing App Clips which allows users to use a certain function of an app without actually having to download the full app. Now users can make a purchase in-app without downloading.


iPad, Apple Watch 6 & SE

The new iPad 8th gen has converted its port from the lightning cable to USB C in a move that sees it become more compatible with a universal, open hardware port. This will be using the new A14 Bionic chipset expected to power the new iPhone 12 when it arrives. The new eighth-generation iPad is joined by the new iPad Air, the powerful iPad Pro, and iPad mini. Prices start from $599.

New models of the watch see the introduction of many health features such as tracking sleep and monitoring blood oxygen levels, this feature can be used to help spot disease (I wonder what made them decide to introduce this) . The S6 chipset sees battery life and speed increase by 20%, while it can now use a brighter display.  The SE model is capable of many of the 6’s new features but obviously comes at a reduced cost, starting from $279.


AppleOne & Fitness+

Why not take your Apple TV, Music and new Fitness+ subscriptions and consolidate them into one place? Well now there’s AppleOne which allows you to take these services as a bundle whilst saving you a little bit of money at the same time. Prices range from $15-30 per month.

Fitness+ is Apple’s new venture into the digital workouts industry where offerings will include yoga and cycling and can integrate with your Apple Watch. These will be expected before the end of the year and a monthly subscription starts from $10.


To Sum Up

So, we didn’t get the expected new iPhone but there have been some interesting developments from Apple and the now available iOS 14. We have an insight into what kind of chip we might see in the new iPhone. We can see Apple expanding  further into fitness and creating a multi-media platform in AppleOne. Stay tuned for the (hopefully soon) announcement of the anticipated iPhone 12.