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The 5 Things You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Deferred Deep Linking

To get the best out of Deferred Deep Linking in your marketing campaigns it’s important to set clear business goals and then use the technology effectively. In this article we cover the 5 big things you need to consider to maximize this powerful marketing tool.

1. The Difference – Deep Links vs Deferred Deep Linking

What’s the difference? If you have experience marketing an app then I’m sure you’re familiar with Deep Links. Deep Links allow you to direct app users to a specific promotion or new piece of content within our app with one tap. This is usually done through the sending of a mobile push notification or in app message that when clicked takes the user to the specified content.

This allows you to offer targeted deals to your existing app users. Think of these as internal links shared with existing users. What’s more conversion friendly? If you want to sell a pair of shoes that your user has in their basket half price in your sale. Marketing the offer through a push notification, engaging the user and leading them to your app homepage – where they then have to find the shoes, apply the offer code, go to basket etc. Or the user clicks the notification where they are taken directly to their basket, shoes at the ready, 50% off applied. Then all they have to do is pay. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the more convenient option is going to outperform its undefined rival every time.

Deferred Deep Linking on the other hand is a link you can use external to your mobile app and send to people that may not have your app already installed. These have all the conversion friendly benefits we just spoke about, and more. Deferred Deep Linking broadens your horizons and allows you to reach out to users with compelling offers across many digital channels. This lets you offer specific promotions in places outside the app and then with a Deferred Deep Link take the person directly to the specific offer in the app. So, for example, send an email, a banner ad on a website, social media post or build referral schemes with product advocates to acquire new app downloads and motivated users.

This is where the magic comes in, if they click on the link on their mobile device and they don’t have your app installed on their phone, it takes them to the app store to download the app and then onto the correct destination page in your mobile app.  If they already have the app installed it opens and takes them directly to the relevant section of the app. It’s a perfect tool to acquire new users for your app AND re-engage existing app users.

deferre3d deep linking graphic2. How to Acquire High Quality New App Users

Deferred Deep Linking is a great tool to acquire new app users if you put it to good use. They let you run promotions across multiple digital media outlets – website, social media, email to target people who don’t yet have your app installed… then when they click from their mobile device the Deferred Deep Link system will know they don’t already have the app installed and take them to the relevant App Store of the device to download the app.

Because you have caught their attention with a compelling offer, they will be much more likely to be highly motivated new users, interested in what you offer.

So, what is best practice at using Deferred Deep Linking in off-app promotions to convert high quality new users?

It works best by offering specific calls to action so it’s easy to engage with the promotion.

  • Book a discounted weekend break with Present the offer in the advert to catch attention and when they click, take them directly to the details of the offer in the appropriate section of the mobile app.
  • Telephone booking for a Taxi or order carry-out food, send a follow up SMS message with a deferred deep link encouraging them to use the app next time.
  • Email to customers telling them of a special offer or new feature available through your mobile app. Use this to capture new users and re-engage users who may not have been in your app for a while.

3. Win-back Lapsed Users

You can use Deferred Deep Linking to very effectively win-back lapsed users. These may be people who have used your app in the past but just aren’t responding to any Push Notifications campaigns. Possibly because they have off-loaded your app from their phone.

If they follow your social media channels or you have collected their email or cell number as part of their past onboarding, then you can use these to send offers to bring them back. And the beauty of Deferred Deep Linking is that it works regardless of whether they have deleted your app from their phone or just haven’t opened the app for a while. So, you capture both lapsed and gone-away users.

Another important advantage is that it also lets you target users that have previously opted out to receive push notifications. You can entice them back to your app with an attractive promotion.

4. You Can Get Personal… and Customers Love Personal

Personalizing marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the book. But with Deferred Deep Linking it goes one stage further. It lets you make the overall experience smooth and seamless.

With Deferred Deep Linking you can create highly personal links for each person you are targeting. The link can contain information about the person, so when they reach the app this information can be passed automatically into the app. For example, apply a pre-set discount to the shopping cart or pre-populating onboarding screens to make first set-up quick and easy.

The more you can do to make the user journey smooth and seamless the more users will convert.

5. Attributing Download and Conversion Sources

Knowing (for sure) where your downloads or purchase conversions are coming from is gold-dust for marketers. Understanding which media sources are generating the highest value customers means you know where to effectively channel marketing investment. Deferred Deep Linking can help with this also, you can pass information through the link that will then be associated with the customer when they install. This can contain the media source or even which specific promotion led the customer to download your app.  Being able to study your most valuable customers and understand which messages or media sources deliver your most engaged users means you know what campaigns are working best, and where to double down. It also allows you to very accurately calculate your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). Comparing this with the lifetime value of your customer (the total of what they pay you for as long as they are a customer) means you can calculate how much you can afford to pay to acquire new customers.

Some Final Thoughts

Here’s some additional things to think about when utilizing deferred deep linking:

  • 70% of emails are opened on mobile and using deferred deep linking is a great channel to drive mobile app use.
  • SMS has the highest percentage of opens for any type of messaging communication on mobile at 98%
  • Social media platforms can make it more difficult for marketers to use deep links, while this is a great tool to hit your audience, platforms like Facebook insist on opening a window within the Facebook platform rather than in an external browser. This can make it trickier for deep links to understand what’s happening but it’s not impossible with the right link and provider.
  • Websites are great ways to acquire new mobile app users. These could be simple landing pages heavily optimized in key search terms that relate closely to your target audience or bigger more functionally rich sites that your customers will typically visit first to find out more about what you do. A great way to encourage website users into your mobile app is to include a simple form asking for their phone number with a Deferred Deep Link in the SMS you send them. It then makes it easy to take them directly to the offer in your app, or first through the app store if they don’t have your app installed yet.

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