Launch date for iOS 14.5 announced!

This week, Apple announced the launch date for their latest iOS release – 26th April. Apple have added some new features in iOS 14.5, responding to the COVID pandemic by ensuring users who want to unlock their phone whilst wearing a mask, can do so with the help of their Apple Watch!

One of the major updates was the long-anticipated update to privacy terms and how Apple will allow brands to handle user data in the next release. Last month, we wrote about the anticipated changes in detail here . So what changes are coming and what does that mean for users and brands? Here’s a look at what you want to know about the iOS 14.5 release.


Apple IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) is a unique identifier assigned to each Apple device. It enables advertisers to understand the device owner by monitoring their actions in other apps that can track in-app behavior and also track which marketing campaigns the user has interacted with. This enables businesses to understand their customer and ensure they’re receiving targeted and customized ads.

Receiving relevant, targeted advertising is good for users – it means we receive offers that are targeted based on our likes and engagement, rather than being spammed with meaningless special offers (many of which we aren’t interested in). Apple believe that users should be given the right to explicitly opt-in to these initiatives and offer more control over who has our data. The changes to iOS 14.5 and the addition of App Tracking Transparency (ATT) means that users will have to opt-in to give their consent to use IDFA.


If you’re the type of person that is constantly losing their keys this is the new addition you’ve been waiting for. This new feature allows you to add a small device to your keys, wallet, bag or whatever your heart desires so that you never need to lose them (for long) again. Much the same way as the ‘Find My Phone’ feature has worked in previous years, you’re now able to use these AirTags to find lost items using your iPhone. If you want to attach them to anything you’re afraid of losing you’re adding an additional $35 to have one as a keyring!

Unlock with Your Mask On

For everyone that likes to be Covid-safe this new feature will be a welcome addition. A real 1st world problem associated with the pandemic has been trying to unlock your phone whilst wearing a mask. Sure, you want to use your phone, but do you want to be seen as the irresponsible person that would remove their mask in public to do so? No, but now you don’t need to (provided you also own an Apple Watch). Just enable this in your watch setting and when your Face ID sees your mask, it will unlock your watch, which will ask if you want to unlock your phone. Nice, but this would be been a better addition last year.

What’s next?

These changes to the IDFA will inevitably mean businesses will need to update their strategy to focus on how they can retain and engage current customers whilst using more innovative approaches to discovering new customers. Customers will opt-in to these changes when they want to engage with a brand so it’s essential to provide them with engaging messaging and relevant offers to ensure revenue continues to grow.

For more information on the impact of IDFA and how you can navigate these changes, check out our recent blog for more information.