Who are Kumulos?

Kumulos’ secure, easy to use mobile app management platform is trusted by thousands of app developers all across the globe with millions of connected devices managing billions of API calls & push messages a month.

We live everything Mobile Apps

We eat, sleep and breathe mobile apps. Kumulos is the system that help you and your clients deliver success from mobile apps. What’s more we help you deliver recurring revenue services that mean you build a totally awesome app business. We understand better than anyone your challenges, your pains, your anxieties. We see it as our mission to make your work life better.
Strong words! But we walk the talk and have done so since we got going back in 2011.

Born from a Mobile App Agency

You see we used to be you. We started life as part of an app development agency. Kumulos was built to solve the problems they had – in all likelihood the same problems you have right now. We offer you as simple and straight forward way to build and run mobile apps and build a valuable service layer into our mobile app business.

Purpose Built for Mobile App Agencies

The Kumulos platform started life as a hosting and API management system to help build and manage the server side of the mobile app. Its now evolved into the most comprehensive mobile app management platform for mobile app agencies with Push Notifications, App Store Optimization, App Analytics, Crash Reporting & Diagnostics,  Document Sharing & Collaboration, Content Editing,  all in one place. But that’s not all. It comes with a number of unique, turn-key features, custom built to help busy mobile app agencies offer awesome services to their client. Services that help keep the dialogue flowing, so they stay close and win regular follow up client work. And the best bit, services that the agency charges monthly for, so they get more app projects on monthly retainer, once the app goes live.

Roll forward to today and we have mobile app agency customers across the world and a large energetic Kumulite tribe, which tells us we must be doing something right.

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