Kumulos’ secure, easy to use business growth platform, trusted by thousands of app developers all across the globe with millions of connected devices managing billions of API calls a month.

The first thing to know is Kumulos was built by app developers for app developers.

We eat, sleep and breath mobile apps, the back-end platforms they sit on and the recurring revenue services that help you build a totally awesome app business. We understand better than anyone your challenges, your pains, your anxieties. We see it as our mission to make your work life better.

Strong words, but be clear we walk the talk and have done since we got going in late 2011.

You see we used to be you. We started life as part of an app development agency. Kumulos was built to solve the problems they had – in all likelihood the same problems you have right now. We offer you as simple and straight forward way to build a valuable service layer into our mobile app business.

  • The Business Challenge – smoothing variable unpredictable project based income so your cash-flow fits better with your operating costs. We help your business scale and make it easier to plan growth with confidence. Find out more.
  • The Technical challenge – shipping apps profitably in a tight expensive labor market. We dont just let you build apps at less cost, we also let you manage the full life-cycle of the app, built, grow users, optimize the app experience and keep the app running at the peak of health.  Find out more.

The Kumulos platform started life back in 2011 as a mBaaS. It was built to make it easy and affordable for app developers to build, ship and maintain even the most complex and scalable apps. Since then we have dedicated ourselves to helping app businesses smooth their revenue streams and building services that deliver strong, reliable recurring revenues. Services that are easy to sell, are valued by app owners and keep you close to your customers.

Pretty quickly we grew users from around the world, build a large energetic Kumulite tribe, which tells us we must be doing something right.

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