App Store Optimization

kumulos-app-store-optimization-summary-screenWhen you launch your client’s app, nailing the app store listing first-time is critical to getting off to a flying start. However, app stores don’t stand still, so you need to think about app store optimization as a rolling task to ensure the app gets the biggest share of millions of daily app store searches.

This is where Kumulos helps.  We give you an easy to use App Store Optimization feature that lets you help your clients get the app store listing right first-time and keep things in good shape once the app’s live.

  • Show how the app ranks for different search terms against the competition – and track this over time
  • Compare listing and performance in Apple App Store and Google Play Store store side-by-side
  • Compare store listings and screenshots against the competition
  • Get country specific rankings for your client’s target users
  • Track helpful reviews and recent reviews to measure the temperature of users.

App development businesses bundle the easy-and-affordable Kumulos App Store Optimization feature into their own offerings to deliver App Store Optimization Services to their customers. Sign up and each of your clients will get their very own Client Portal, branded as yours, so they can easily see how their apps are performing in the stores. You can also easily deliver a weekly or monthly ASO Report, with your branding, directly to their inbox. You look awesome in front of your clients, you stay close and you keep the conversation flowing on how you can help make their app a success.

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Win More Clients with App Store Optimization

apple-app-store-optimization-from-kumulosKumulos helps app development businesses win more clients. In seconds you can see how any app performs in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  Benchmark apps built by the competition, send them a Kumulos generated report and show prospects how you’d optimize their app store presence to generate more downloads. A great way to get your foot in the door, so you’re in the perfect position to win future mobile app development projects.




Offer a service to nail the App Store launch

kumuluos-app-store-optimization-key-word-trend-graphPulling the trigger and going live before your client has clearly thought through their app store presence is a sure-fire way of having a flop on their hands. But that’s where you come in and Kumulos can help you.

We take the guesswork out of the app store launch and put science behind getting it right, first time. We show you how the competition rank against a range of search terms in the geographies your launching in. We’ll also show how competitive these keywords are, the volume of searches they generate and how the competition is optimizing their app store listing for them. This lets you be smart about how you position your clients app so they compete successfully and win more downloads.


Sell services to help your clients stay on top of the App Store

rebranded-aso-consoleKeeping your client’s app store listing in good shape is an ongoing job. It’s also a service that clients will happily pay monthly for. The app you worked so hard on launching will start slipping down the app store rankings unless your continually optimize its app store presence.

Kumulos is here to help you keep your clients app on top. We let you easily deliver insights into how the app is performing. The Client Portal lets your clients log in whenever they want to see how their app is performing in the app store. We also give you an easy to use weekly or monthly report, branded as yours, so you can show your clients how your App Store Optimization efforts are paying off. Whats more we don’t even need your app store credentials.


Agency Friendly Pricing

Kumulos ASO will cost you just a few pennies a day for each app. So, there’s plenty of scope to bundle us into your monthly App Store Optimization Service, make your life easier and still offer it at a price your customer will be happy to pay. A monthly recurring revenue service that helps makes their app a success and builds recurring revenue for your business. You make money monthly and look awesome in front of your clients.

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