Make your place COVID-safe

Be COVID Safe with Kumulos

Kumulos offers a range of COVID Safe solutions to help businesses of all shapes and sizes cope with the challenges of operating in the Global Pandemic. Our solutions are flexible to fit with the way you run your business, so you can focus on doing what you do best and leave managing COVID 19 protocols to us.

We offer a solution to businesses where smartphone technology isn’t an option. Buildings Sites, Industrial Plants or Secure facilities where phones can’t operate. We call this COVID Safe Workplace.

We offer a solution perfect for Offices or Hospitality built around an existing mobile app or using the purpose build mobile app we can provide you. We call this COVID Safe Track & Trace.

Managing COVID-19 in Hospitality

COVID Safe Track & Trace is helping Bars, Casual Dining Restaurants, Quick Serve Restaurants, Hotels, Spas, Beauty Salons, Coffee Shops, and even Places of Worship, to take the hassle out of meeting the requirements to operate safely.

COVID Safe Track & Trace


We help you stay in touch with your valuable customers


We fit to your way of working and how you run your business


We remove the headache and automate everything

Managing COVID-19 in Industrial Sites

COVID Safe Workplace lets Offices, Industrial Sites & Construction sites take the hassle out of meeting the requirements to operate safely. Particularly difficult in environments where mobile phones can’t be carried, we help you create a safe environment for your workforce and prevent mass shut-downs if an outbreak happens.

COVID-safe Workplace

Existing Mobile App

Integrate with your existing customer-facing loyalty mobile app

Wearable Tracking

Solution for sites where mobile apps can’t be used

QR Code Check-in

Let everyone check-in with no mobile app to install