App Agency News Roundup – January 2017


The holidays are over. Its still cold and dark. Those New Year resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Welcome to the third week of January 2017! Only 49 more weeks until we do it all again. Year end statistics for 2016 for mobiles and the app markets are starting to roll in, so we thought …

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Top Five App Store Mistakes to Avoid


The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are places where, for some, fortunes are made. However, for many other people they are places where their precious apps can sink below the millions of others on offer – dashing previously high hopes of success. As you no doubt know very well, the app marketplace is …

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The top five tips for recruiting app developers

Congratulations! Through hard work and too many all-nighters, you and your small app development team have managed to start turning a real profit. You can see your small company already rising through the ranks of competitors – and then someone tells you that you need to expand your team if you want to keep rising. …

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Parse Shutdown Looms


The Parse shutdown is approaching – and now that we’re in 2017, it’s getting closer every day. Back in January 2016, Facebook announced that it was shutting down their Parse server application on January 28, 2017. And – if you haven’t changed your calendars yet – January 28 will be upon us in just a few …

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Kumulos 2016 Wrap Up

2016 kumulos wrap up

2016 has been such a busy year for the Kumulos development team, you could be forgiven for not being able to keep up with all of the Kumulos features we have released. Kumulos is now the most comprehensive mobile app management platform you can get. A bold claim, we know.  We started the year helping …

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Five App Store Optimization Tips


Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store have completely transformed the way companies can find a “shop front” for their product. Having said that, the competition is beyond fierce. Pocket Gamer maintain a record of how many apps are submitted to Apple’s store, and the figures make fascinating reading. Typically, the number of apps …

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App Store Optimization Feature Launches


65% of all app downloads come from searches in the app stores. This is why getting and keeping the listing on the app store right is so important. But don’t get stressed – Kumulos is here to help. The eagle-eyed will have noticed a new service has appeared in your Kumulos Console – App Store …

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What mobile agencies can learn from Facebook

In an earlier post, we discussed how mobile agencies can measure user retention. When it comes to success in this area, very few companies (if any) do a better job than Facebook. But what can you learn from their success as a mobile agency developing apps? The clue is in the numbers. Virtually all businesses these …

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MAU vs DAU: How to measure mobile app retention


Generating more downloads and attracting new users to your app can be (and generally is) an expensive business. It’s estimated that a 5% decrease in mobile app abandonment rates can actually increase overall app profitability from as little as 5% to as much as 95% (Bain and Company). While decreasing app abandonment rates can greatly …

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Kumulos Updates – November, 2016

kumulos updates

Howdy folks – just wanted to let you know what are some of the latest and greatest Kumulos updates we’ve released over the past few weeks. Over the past few weeks, we’ve spent time updating some of our popular features and introducing some new ones to help make your clients apps even better (not to …

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