What mobile agencies can learn from Facebook


In an earlier post, we discussed how mobile agencies can measure user retention. When it comes to success in this area, very few companies (if any) do a better job than Facebook. But what can you learn from their success as a mobile agency developing apps? The clue is in the numbers. Virtually all businesses these …

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MAU vs DAU: How to measure mobile app retention


Generating more downloads and attracting new users to your app can be (and generally is) an expensive business. It’s estimated that a 5% decrease in mobile app abandonment rates can actually increase overall app profitability from as little as 5% to as much as 95% (Bain and Company). While decreasing app abandonment rates can greatly …

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Kumulos Updates – November, 2016

kumulos updates

Howdy folks – just wanted to let you know what are some of the latest and greatest Kumulos updates we’ve released over the past few weeks. Over the past few weeks, we’ve spent time updating some of our popular features and introducing some new ones to help make your clients apps even better (not to …

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The Key to Analyzing User Retention in Your Mobile App

analyzing user retention

A successful product, in pretty much any category, is not defined (just) by how many people are using it, but (also) how many people are using it – frequently. Think about it – if you hear a really good song on the radio – you’ll probably want to hear it a hundred more times. If …

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Five Steps for Building a Successful Mobile App

mobile phone screen

Mobile apps are so ubiquitous nowadays that almost all companies can think of at least one way in which an app could enhance their business. On top of this, an increasingly large number of hugely successful companies have an app at their very heart – just think of Uber, Shazam and Flipboard if you need …

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3 Ways to Optimize Agency Push Campaigns

optimize push campaign on a phone

Push campaigns and push notifications always play a crucial role when it comes to app engagement and monetization. If you’re a mobile app agency delivering push campaigns for clients, a well optimized push campaign, that utilizes highly personalized, timely and relevant push messaging, can help to bring dormant users back into your client’s app. It …

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Creating agency push notification campaigns in 7 easy steps

Push Notification Campaigns

Creating effective and compelling Push Notification Campaigns has never been more important. It’s a huge challenge for App Publishers to build a strong and highly engaged user base for their app. And you, as their mobile app adviser, are in the perfect position to help them with this challenge. This blog shows 7 steps to …

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Kumulos – the top choice for mobile app agencies & best alternative to Parse

Best Alternative to Parse

Kumulos gets the thumbs up from two leading mobile companies, listing us as the best mBaaS (mobile backend as a service) platform available today and the best alternative to Parse. Here at Kumulos we are blown away to get two such strong endorsements from two great companies.  Both companies are themselves recognized as thought leaders in the mobile technology space and they …

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How to Make Sure your App Services Meet Customer Needs

App Services

If you look at app development in a simplistic way, it’s easy to end up with a rather straightforward life-cycle for an app project: 1. Win the business. 2. Work with the customer to build the app to their satisfaction 3. Get it “out the door” and into the app stores. 4. Get paid and …

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Push notification service – 5 easy steps to grow recurring revenue

Push Notification Service

Here we explore how to get going with one of the easiest recurring revenue offerings — a push notification service for your customer’s mobile apps. One of the biggest concerns any mobile app publisher will have is “Will my app be a success?”. And while success comes in many forms, ultimately it’s about app user engagement — getting more …

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