App Backend Best Practice (Part 3 of 3)

Mobile App Backend Best Practice

In part 1, we looked at the principles of how to model the relationships and data that your mobile app backend will store. Then, in part 2, we looked at how to implement your mobile app backend in Kumulos and access data via API calls from your mobile app. Now, in part 3, we are going to look at …

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Top 5 Testflight alternatives for Google Android

Testflight Alternatives

Testflight used to be the go to software to test mobile apps, but since it dropped Android doubling down on iOS, its left developers to find alternatives. If you’re running a mobile development agency wondering what alternatives are available, look no further. Generally speaking the best alternatives in today’s market should offer support for continuous …

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5 essential steps for Google Play app store acceptance

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 13.53.25

Running a mobile app development agency is seriously hard work. You spend weeks and often months ideating, conceptualizing, designing, developing, testing, launching and optimizing world beating apps for your customers, only to be left hanging in terms of when your creation will finally be accepted onto Google Play. We recently looked at the Apple App …

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Apple WWDC 16


Following Google IO last month, last week it was Tim Cook and co’s turn to court developers at Apple WWDC 16. Compared to the spectacle that Google put on at the Shoreline Ampitheatre in Mountview, Apple WWDC 16 in San Francisco was a much lower key affair – not necessarily a bad thing given the …

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies UK

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.13.09

It’s no secret, but here at Kumulos we’re completely obsessed with all things mobile app development, especially if it involves mobile app development companies. We work with some of the brightest and fastest growing stars in the app development agency ecosystem, enabling them to rapidly scale up their operations and build highly lucrative streams of …

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Implementing your App Backend in Kumulos (Part 2 of 3)

App Backend in Kumulos

The App Build feature in Kumulos is a mobile Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) on which you can very easily and quickly build and host your App Backend. App Build provides secure, scalable SQL based data storage in the cloud that can then be accessed and manipulated via a REST API and/or RPC API methods from one of our many client SDKs including iOS, Android, PHP, Windows, …

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The 4 R’s of ASO as a Service

ASO as a Service growing your monthly RR

App store optimization ASO is one of the best ways to grow services revenue and build a strong recurring revenue platform to help your mobile app agency grow. Here we define the key steps of app store optimization and how to offer this as a service to complement your mobile app development business. Why is …

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Best Mobile App Analytics Platforms

Mobile App Analytics

Getting the right mobile app analytics platform for your mobile app platform can be tough.  Despite ever growing demand for mobile app development capability and mobile optimization services, getting a clear view if what’s happening with the app and delivering it in a digestible form to your customers can be challenging. Successful mobile app development projects always …

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Cracking the App Recurring Revenue Conundrum Part 3 of 3

App Recurring Revenue

In Part 1 of Cracking the App Recurring Revenue Conundrum we covered why App Recurring Revenue is the life-blood of any ambitious mobile app agency. We showed how you could map app recurring revenue services against the typical lifecycle of a mobile app. In Part 2 we dug a bit deeper into how to structure services around the …

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App developer news – a busy week…

app developer news google io 2016

It’s been a very busy week for app developer news. Dominated by Google IO, we take a quick look at what the announcements mean for app developers as well as few other stories in the app developer news that have been overshadowed by Google’s flagship developer conference and you may have missed. Google IO 2016 …

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