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Take the brakes off your business with Kumulos

Kumulos is the only app delivery platform that helps your business grow by delivering white labelled services that make you money monthly from your app projects. Low cost to you, high margin, high value services that keeps you close to your app owner clients.

White-labelled as yours

  • Easy to deliver, simple to sell recurring revenue services
  • Branded as your service at every touch point, so your clients see your value
  • Monthly reports that keep your name in front of your customers
  • Position you as the app expert for their business
  • Services that find other project revenue within your customer base

Easy predictable pricing

  • Pricing that fits with your services model – pay monthly and only when mobile apps are live
  • Fixed pricing helps you budget and protects you from invoice shocks
  • App throttling feature if you want to control cost – especially important ahead of in-app revenue building

Make money monthly from mobile app builds

  • 2-3x your project revenue over the life of the app
  • Sell high value, easy to deliver monthly recurring services that drive more value from your app projects
  • Generate revenue across the full life-cycle of the mobile app

Build multi-layer income from single mobile app projects

  • Managed services based on stability, availability and latency of hooked up third party services
  • Sell marketing services to manage app discovery
  • Give your clients mobile app onboarding optimisation that will drive app enhancement project revenue

Sell services to monitize competitors’ mobile app projects

  • Win new customers
  • Grow your customers by managing apps built by someone else
  • Position yourself for their next app upgrade project

Build apps more profitably – less labor effort for each app shipped

  • Ship more app projects with the same (or fewer) staff
  • Less cost = more profit
  • Faster delivery timescales with less repeat work

Maintain apps at less cost

  • No backend to manage, hardware to maintain, systems to patch
  • No labor costs managing and maintaining complex back end infrastructures
  • No capacity planning headaches or server upgrades

Remove “hire anxiety” and over trading

  • Because you can see your monthly income growing you can plan resources better and hire as demand grows
  • Less over trading means better projects, better projects means more follow on business for you
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