COVID-safe Workplace

Kumulos COVID Safe Workplace

COVID Safe Workplace from Kumulos helps Offices, Industrial Sites & Construction sites take the hassle out of meeting the requirements to operate safely. Particularly difficult in environments where mobile phones can’t be carried, we help you create a safe environment for your workforce and prevent mass shut-downs if an outbreak happens. We also have a platform specifically designed for Bars, Restaurants, Quick Serve Food outlets, Hair salons, Spas even places of worship – we call this COVID Safe Track & Trace.

COVID Safe can also be fully white-labeled to make it easy to add to an existing mobile app or service offering.

COVID-Safe Workplace Key Features

No Admin

Remove the Admin Headache and automate collecting who has been in your Place, with one click to create an “At Risk” list.


No more paper and pens. Store staff data stored safely and securely. GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Auto-log Staff

Track staff movements and who they have been in proximity to, easily.

At “Risk” Lists

Merge with Staff IDs to know instantly who could be impacted.


Manage just one location or multiple locations centrally.

With or without Mobile App

Use with a smart phone mobile app or with wearable tags.


Everything branded as yours to make the system your own.

Know your limits

Set maximum staff numbers in an area and be alerted when you are at capacity.

Safe Environment for your Workforce

Kumulos COVID Safe Workplace means you can operate, safe in the knowledge that if an outbreak happens you are in control and isn’t costly for your business.

We work with an existing staff mobile app, you can use our COVID Safe mobile app or we can integrate with your existing security such as door entry systems. We can work if you just have one location or many locations across many countries. Manage centrally or let each location be in control, the choice is yours. We help you keep on top of who is where and who they are close to and manage social distancing by setting limits on how many staff can be in specific locations, such as break areas or canteens.


Make sure you have good infection communication


We fit to your way of working and how you run your business


We remove the headache and automate everything

How it works

Kumulos COVID Safe Workplace records who was where, when. We date and time stamp every one. Where they have been and who they have been with and then store this securely for a configurable length of time. If there’s an outbreak, you can search for the individual, match it to their staff ID number and COVID Safe will produce a list of everyone who could have been near the person, so they can be contacted.

Contact lists can be exported in CSV format to pass to the health authorities. And with one click you can communicate with everyone with a push notification to a mobile app, SMS or email to tell them that they could be at risk and follow your corporate COVID-19 infection protocols.

COVID Safe easily integrates with an existing mobile app or we can provide a purpose-built mobile app, that’s branded as yours. There is also a manual check-in feature, run on a tablet or computer, to use with anyone for site visitors.  We make conforming to COVID-19 protocols slick and professional, meaning no added hassle for you and giving confidence to your employees that you are working to keep them safe.

Existing Mobile App

Integrate with your existing Staff mobile app

Use Our Brandable App

No mobile app, no problem. You can take our fully rebrandable COVID-Safe App.

QR Code Check-in

Let everyone check-in, with no mobile app to install. For infrequent visitors.

Flexible – works the way you do

Every business is different, so we give you a range of options on how to manage staff movements across your different locations.

We provide you with a custom QR code that you can display at your entrance. When visitors arrive they simply scan the code, and if they have been to your place before, they are automatically checked in with when they arrived. Do the same when they leave and the visit is logged and time-stamped.

You can prompt visitors by placing geofences over your venue, to automatically launch the check-in page as they arrive.

Automate check-in completely using Bluetooth beacons that sense when someone is nearby and then check them in.

As they log into your WiFi network, take them to the check-in page or prompt them to download the app for the first time.

Bluetooth Beacons

Check-in automatically with Beacons at your entrance

Wearable Devices

Use where smart phones can’t go with wearable beacons or passive RFID tags


Prompt visitors to check-in as they approach your place, using Geofence Technology