Kumulos = Effortless Mobile Analytics

We make it easy to add comprehensive mobile analytics to any of your clients’ apps. New apps, existing apps, even apps you’ve not built for your clients. Easily and at low cost, turn this into a service that your clients pay you monthly for.

  • High Margin service. Low monthly fixed cost, for every $1 you spend with Kumulos make $6-$9 as a client retainer
  • Works with new and existing apps – great way to sell an additional service to all your customers
  • Any app, any format – Native (iOS & Android), Hybrid (Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic)
  • Gives you a fully rebranded Customer App Portal & Analytics Dashboard along with an automated monthly report.
  • Comprehensive 360-degree view of the app – all in one place – no more multiple views and data sources
    • Download Volume, Active Dowloads and Retention trends,
    • User Behavior – location,platform and device use,
    • Engagement Metrics – retention, push service open rates,
    • App Store Performance – Google and Apple store performance,
    • Push campaign performance, system performance… all in one place.

Set up in minutes – no complex configuration.
Move away from complex home-built reporting and make life easy.

We don’t blind you and your clients with blizzards of data. We answer the most important questions you and your clients have. Answers that show you where to act to drive better results from the app.

  • Are download volumes increasing?
  • Are users engaged with my app?
  • Where are my users located?
  • What platforms are most popular?
  • And much, much more.