Complete visibility of your app and its audience to increase the impact of your messaging campaigns with Kumulos Mobile App Analytics.

Leaving no stone unturned, the Kumulos platform’s comprehensive, built-in mobile app analytics goes beyond the reaches of other stand-alone behavioral analytics packages. From discoverability in the store through acquisition, retention and engagement to conversion and even user experience, Kumulos gets you answers fast. Who is using the app? When, where, how often and how long? Did they open your last message? Are they having a good experience? What are they saying in reviews? Real, actionable insights so you can make data-driven decisions to plan, schedule and automate highly effective messaging campaigns – campaigns that convert and bring your customers back to you.

Easy-to-understand, comprehensive behavioral analytics to inform your messaging strategy


Outstanding Support

Get to know your new audience, where they are and where they have come from. Deliver a personalized on-boarding experience just for them.



Monitor how well your app on-boards new users in those all-important first few days. See how timely, automated messages can retain users for longer.



Understand when your app is used, how often and for how long. Use this to time your campaigns to bring users back and keep them in the app longer.



Map the key user journeys through your app. Monitor and optimize time through the funnel, with a helping hand along the way, to increase conversion.



User and behaviour-based segmentation to create highly receptive audiences for targeted messaging campaigns.



Automate timely interactions triggered by in-app behavior and events. Convert more users into loyal customers.

Smarter, Faster, Better Decisions


Comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboards so you can plan, schedule, measure and increase the impact of your messaging campaigns.


Pre-built integrations and RESTful APIs plugin to your martech stack. Enrich your customer data with real-time app analytics and campaign performance.

Acquire, Retain & Engage your Audience

Easy-to-understand acquisition, retention and engagement analytics help you get to know your audience and measure the impact of your messaging campaigns. Real, actionable insights – what works and what doesn’t – so you are making data-driven decisions when you plan and schedule your messaging campaigns. Get the right message, to the right user in the right place at the right time and bring your customers back to you.

Clear, Concise Dashboards

Get to know your audience with out-of-the-box, easy-to-understand dashboards and plan, schedule and automate highly effective messaging campaigns.

Audience Segmentation

Combine in-app events and behaviour with user attributes and preferences to create highly receptive audiences for each campaign.

Use Messaging to Increase Engagement

See first-hand how timely, automated, personalized push notifications and in-app messages can bring users back and keep them in your app for longer.

Automate Timely Interactions that Convert.

Track all in-app behaviour and combine with user attributes, preferences and even location to trigger automated, personalized messages that will increase conversion. Proactively reach out to each user when they are ready to hear from you.



Map customer journeys and use automated messaging to guide your users along the way.

In-App Behaviour & Events

Track every screen view and button press. Trigger relevant actions based on users’ in-app behaviour.

Intelligent, Timely Interventions

When necessary, help each user get back on track. Eliminate drop-offs and increase conversion.

User Experience Monitoring

Leave nothing to chance. Your hard-won audience will have no hesitation uninstalling your app if it crashes, has bugs or is slow. Stay on the front foot by monitoring the technical performance of both your app and all the services it depends on to function so your team can pro-actively minimize the impact of any problems retaining on your audience.

Crash Reporting

Get complete visibility of the user experience by monitoring the technical performance of your app.

API Monitoring

Monitor the speed and reliability of the APIs and services that your app depends on to function.

Be the first to know!

Get alerted immediately via Slack or Microsoft Teams of anything that could impact your audience.

User opinion monitoring.

Close the loop. Kumulos is the only platform that gives you complete visibility of how your app is performing in the stores against the competition. From search rankings for different keywords to star ratings and reviews, spot any trends before they impact user acquisition and make the right, data-driven decisions to maximize discoverability in the stores.

Track Reviews and Ratings

Keep an eye on the temperature of your audience. Ensure potential users like what they see.

Boost Discoverability in Search

Monitor how your app ranks, for keywords your audience search for, in different countries over time.

Competitor Analysis

Measure your performance against the competition. Take the right actions so your app appears on top.

Easy to integrate. By developers. For developers.

Open-source SDKs make it easy to add GDPR compliant analytics to your mobile app. White-label our console or use one of our pre-built integrations, RESTful APIs or our extensible scripting engine to export, in real-time, mobile app behavioral analytics and campaign performance into your own systems, and enrich your own customer data.

Push Notifications

Open-source SDKs

Open-source SDKs for every major platform and language that you can add to your project in minutes.

Analytics API

Export app analytics and/or raw in-app events to enrich your own customer data in real-time.

GDPR Compliant

CCPA and GDPR compliant analytics with the option of hosting data within the European Union.