Client App Portal. Their Central Hub

Our Client App Portal gives your customers a read-only view of the status and performance of their apps. Fully re-brandable with your logo, colors and your own custom sub-domain, it’s your name your customers see each time they login.

Key Features

  • Central hub enabling Clients to manage Push Notification campaigns and view results
  • Central hub enabling Client to view App Store Optimization status
  • Access all Weekly or Monthly Reports showing:
    • Trends on active device growth
    • Usage trends – showing engagement growth index
    • What platforms are being used
    • Where users are located
  • Manage App Content
  • Service status of any external databases hooked up to Kumulos
  • Monitors database Backup status
  • Access all Client documents like proposals, meeting minutes or update reports
  • Unlimited number of Client Portals
  • Unlimited numbers of Apps under each App Portal
  • Unlimited Client Logins
  • Fully branded as yours at all touch-points, logos, color schemes
  • Custom Sub-domain in your name –
  • High value service customers will pay for

Give your clients more. Take the Kumulos Client Portal feature, add a margin and sell it on as a monthly service.

Use it when you first engage with a new client

When you first meet that new prospect, set them up with their very own App Portal (all branded up as yours of course). This is also where you can store files like project proposals, quotes or any type of information you want to share with your customers. Keep your product documentation all in one place. No more scrambling around with email attachments to find the latest version.

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