App Reporting and Analytics

Our App Reporting and Analytics feature lets you offer a high value service that your customers pay monthly for. Take our analytics dashboard and automated monthly report, brand them as yours and give your clients insight into how their app is performing. Whats more, our reports are designed to keep the conversation flowing with clients at the same time as highlighting opportunities to improve how the app performs. Improvements that create new projects for you.

A service that your customers pay monthly for and at the same time helps you find follow on projects. Whats not to like.

Key Features

  • Branded as yours – not ours
  • Automated Report each week or month
    • Send it as is or annotate comments and suggestions
    • Use it as a trigger to call your clients and discuss improvements
    • All your app services in one consolidated summary report
  • Live Analytics Dashboard
    • App Downloads,
    • Active Users,
    • User Retention,
    • Session Analysis,
    • App Store Performance including reviews, star ratings and key word analysis
    • Push Notification Performance including Subscribe/Unsubscribe rates, Open Rates
    • System Performance including API response times.

All designed to inform your client and at the same time help you truffle hunt opportunities for follow-on work.

The Kumulos Analytics Portal, Client App Report, along with our own rebrandable Customer App Portal, sets you apart from your competition. It helps you demonstrate the advanced tools you use to help your Clients operate apps more successfully. You’ll appear more professional – and you’ll win more contracts.


Kumulos, the simple way to build a service layer into your app business and keep your customers paying once their app is live.

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