App Reporting and Analytics

Our App Reporting and Analytics service means you can charge your customers monthly and a great way to give them insight into how their app is performing. Send them reports or let them log into “your” analytics dashboard to see how their apps performing.

Key Features

  • Branded as yours – not ours
  • Prepared automatically each week or month
  • Take it as it is, or edit in your own commentary
  • Use it as evidence of superior care – and win more projects
  • Sell it as a high value aftercare service and build retainer income
  • Use it to truffle hunt opportunities for follow-on work

The Kumulos Client App Report, along with our own branded Customer App Portal, sets you apart from your competition. It helps you demonstrate the advanced tools you use to help your Clients operate apps more successfully. You’ll appear more professional – and you’ll win more contracts.

The report answers the main questions most app publishers have, including:

  • Am I growing my users and getting more downloads?
  • Which platforms are most popular?
  • Where are my users located?
  • Are my app users more engaged?
  • How is the technical performance of the app?

Use it to build a regular dialogue – and pick up follow-on work.

And use it as a chargeable service, a way to build valuable retainer income.

Some use it labor free. Simply set it up and let it go automatically to the client each month. Alternatively, to drive more interaction, App Agencies add in comments, observations and recommendations, suggesting areas where improvements can be made, to create the dialogue and discussion for follow on work. The report automatically gets stored on their Clients’ App Portals, so everything is kept in one place.

Kumulos, the simple way to build a service layer to your app business and keep your customers paying once their app ships.

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