Kumulos Analytics

Make data informed decisions to drive better mobile app results.

Kumulos isn’t like the other mobile app analytics platforms out there. You see we live and breathe mobile, providing you with a comprehensive 360 degree view of performance covering both the technical AND the commercial, user behaviour performance, of your app.

We get you to answers fast. Kumulos users get powerful, meaningful views of mobile user behavior so they can act confidently and decisively, knowing that they are focusing effort where it will have the biggest impact on mobile app success.

Our fully white-labelled platform, automated monthly report and secure user portal make it easy to make our system your own, so it’s your brand everyone sees each time they log-on, not ours.

Big Analytics

Kumulos is built to handle big datasets. We let you query data within our easy to use dashboard, deep dive with our powerful Data Explorer or export to your preferred Datawarehouse. The choice is yours.

Big Data

Built for big data sets and enterprise scale data science

Live Analytics

See Realtime, what is happening, new downloads, user behavior, app crashes, API endpoint performance

Intelligent Analytics

Data isn’t just data with Kumulos. We help you build powerful, meaningful, actionable insights so you can take confident steps to improve mobile app performance.

Analytics Actions

Harness Data Intelligence to drive greater app success, effortlessly

Intelligent Insights

Understand correlations between technical problems and commercial impact

Insightful Analytics

Understand, in fine detail, what’s happening, so you know what to focus on to drive mobile app performance.

User Segmentation

Understand fine-grain who is using your app to drive up conversion, engagement and retention

Cohort Analysis

Build powerful insights into user behavior to build deeper understanding into how your apps are performing

Conversion Funnels

Visualize onboarding & purchase funnels to clearly see where users are abandoning

User Journeys

Know how users are flowing through the app to improve the in-app experience and drive user engagement

Visual Analytics

Clear, clean and accessible information in a format that is easy to understand, digest and share.

on screen analytics


Graphically rich and intuitive, turn-key Analytics dashboard showing User Retention, Engagement, Location, Device type and much more

Automated Stakeholder Reporting

Auto Generated PDF Reports, to share insights & performance with Stakeholders for your chosen time period

Flexible Analytics

How we host your data is your choice. You can go for convenience and cost efficiency and let us host your data or if you have special requirements make your own arrangements. Either way you can get your data exported at any time.

On Premise, your cloud or our cloud

You choose how you want the data hosted – our cloud, your cloud or on your premises

Open Integrations

Sync data with existing dasboards and businesses systems

Comprehensive Analytics

Kumulos means no blind-spots. In one place, you get a complete and comprehensive view of the technical performance of the app.

Crash Reporting & Alerting

Understand how technical problems are impacting users, so you know how to prioritize issues based on severity

API Endpoint Reporting

Get alerted as soon as there are problems with any API services your apps rely on.

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