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Manage the backend of your app with MBaaS, the easy way to handle the server side of your app as well as Crash Reporting & API Endpoint Monitoring to ensure a seamless UX everytime. 

Kumulos is built by developers, for developers, our platform may contain all the marketing tools necessary throughout the lifecycle of your app but has always been designed alongside the developer tools that keep your app functioning and enable the marketing tools to work their magic.

Mobile Backend

MBaaS, the easy way to handle the server side of the app.

We take the complexity away from building and managing the server side of your app with our industry leading mBaaS.

Build the server-side infrastructure for your app in 5 simple steps with our drag-and-drop set up.

mbaas diagram

Crash Reporting

With our Crash Reporting, be on the front foot, get alerted and know when problems are brewing.

Understand instantly how serious the problem is and how many users are impacted, so you can prioritize remedial action.

crash dash

API Endpoint Monitoring

Make sure you have the full picture, all of the time with API Endpoint Monitoring.

With Kumulos there are no blind spots. You get full 360 degree visibility. You can easily see the status and condition of every API your apps rely on.

Integrations & APIs

Kumulos Integrations allow you to easily work Kumulos alongside other systems you might currently be using.

If you are using a low code system to build your app or are currently sending email and SMS campaigns Kumulos have a number of partners that we are able to seamlessly integrate with and continue to use alongside our platform.

Kumulos Integrations