Mobile Push Notifications

Geo-Targeting with Geofences and Beacons

Keeping users engaged is one of the most important ways to ensure the commercial success of any app. For any business where location is important Geo-targeting in conjunction with Push Notifications and in app messaging is one of the most effective app engagement tools. Sending highly relevant messages when app users are nearby, is one of the most effective ways to drive interaction, keep app users engaged AND drive footfall to your business.

With Kumulos we make it easy to set up, run and measure the success of automated proximity messaging campaigns using Geofences and Beacon technology.

Proximity Messaging Key Features

Automated Campaigns

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Create Automated Campaigns triggered by Geofences

Audience Targeting

Deliver personalized messages to a highly targeted audience with user and behaviour-based segmentation.

Precise Geofences

Simple circles with radius of 10 metres to 10km, or any shape polygons


Comprehensive APIs

Geofence comes bundled with our SDK, with simple to implement location tracking

Easy Management


Build, edit and run thousands of geofences & beacons at one time

Beacons with Geofences

Use Geofences alongside Beacons for highly accurate audience targeting


Subscribe to channel based on location to remarket to at a later date

API Integrations

Easily connect your own systems using pre-built integrations or our extensible scripting engine.

Geo-targeting with Geofences

Kumulos offers powerful and highly configurable push notification targeting with Geofence technology. This lets you pick a precise location so, when someone enters, exits, or lingers within a geofence, our service triggers a notification on the user’s device.

We make it easy to see exactly what message will be triggered from each geofence so you know exactly what notification will be triggered. We also make it easy to manage hundreds or even thousands of geofences through our Mobile Marketing Automation Platform, so you can ensure mobile marketing campaigns deliver the best commercial results.


Automated Trigger Campaigns

Highly Configurable, Targetted and personalized Proximity Marketing Campaigns

Precision Targeting

Circular or Polygon Geofences to trigger messages when customers enter, leave or linger in a specific place


Capture the location of users and remarket to them at a later date by adding them to Channels


Kumulos lets you set up, run, and manage campaigns across all the beacons connected with your mobile app. We make it easy to create and schedule messages for an individual beacon or cluster of beacons so you can create highly effective campaigns. What’s more, you can easily see how successful those campaigns are including the volume of interactions with each beacon and notifications.

Kumulos works with both Edistone and iBeacon protocols, which means that no matter which device your app uses our service will ensure that notifications are triggered as soon as someone is in proximity.

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Integrated Analytics

See how campaigns are performing in micro-detail

Conversion Tracking

Track who got your message, who responds and when, so you know in detail how your campaigns are performing

A/B Testing

Optimize your marketing by testing different messages to see what drives best results

Try Geofences Out with our Companion App

Kumulos Geo-targeting technology is all managed from one hosted management console. A console that can be fully rebranded. This makes it easy for anyone to create, manage and measure the results of push notification campaigns.

Geofences and Beacons can be used independently of each other or in combination so you can build highly location-targeted campaigns.

Ask us for a demo of the system, or take a free 30 day trial and install our Sample App so you can see the full power of Geo-targeting solutions from Kumulos.

Try Kumulos for real by downloading the Kumulos Companion App. This can be used to demonstrate the Kumulos push notification, geolocation, and analytics features of the platform on your device, in real-time. Simply download the app from iTunes or GooglePlay and follow the instructions to pair your device with your Kumulos account.