KSCRIPTS at a Glance

KScripts is for mobile app developers looking for the power of writing custom business logic in a high level language, but without the hassle of managing the infrastructure. Along side the core mBaaS features with a growing set of platforms and libraries supported we offer one of the most powerful and comprehensive backend platform for your clients mobile app.


At its core KScripts is JavaScript running on the server interacting with the database. It’s a programmatic way to tell the database or the backend what you want from it. Rather than using more complex traditional methods its incredibly freeform and allows for custom API’s to be build easily and quickly.

KScripts effectively opens up the Kumulos backend platform to mobile apps and games developers and provides a whole new stack of features and mobile app development functionality.


It lets you interact with the database in a way you would a programming language. You can run custom SQL queries, iterate results, manipulate data, interact with third party API’s to do exactly what you need.

Heres a brief example. Lets imagine a taxi booking app.

Taxi App uses Kumulos to run all its Backend needs, which include some KScript API methods that would be difficult to create on a standard mobile backend service. For example, if, when you make a booking, there are no taxis available the app will show the user a “pending” notification. This notification will stay on the screen for a maximum of 6 minutes to allow a taxi company to perhaps free up a cab for you. If, however, there is nothing after 6 minutes, the app will then tell the user that there are no taxis available currently.

This is a simple if function with a timer attached, but it would actually be quite difficult to implement with standard API methods. With KScript, just a few lines of code and the custom API has been created. The suite of APIs that serve the Taxi App for iOS are also used by a web administration panel used by the taxi companies to respond to booking requests.

For a relatively simple mobile app like the  Taxi App, the developer would created around 20 custom APIs (kScripts) that let them finely tune the Backend workings of the app to do just what they need them to do. For something more complex, say a social media app,  it could be closer to 150 KScripts, but by doing that they’ve cut their development time by at least third.

Flexibility and ease of use puts KScript leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in terms of creating a more efficient and headache-less environment for mobile app developers to build in.

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