Kumulos Push Notification Service

You choose. Run Push Campaigns as a service for your clients, or give them their very own Push Notification Portal to let them do it them selves – a portal branded as yours of course.

Key features:

  • Give every customer access to their own Push Management Portal, branded as yours
  • Trigger messages automatically based on in-app events
  • Build Channels and Segments to focus push notification messages effectively
  • Geolocation & iBeacon support
  • Schedule Push Notifications with future send date & localize timezone
  • Deep Linking, emojis and badges to drive greater engagement
  • View results – track open rates, successful delivery rates and unsubscribe rates
  • Turn-key automated summary campaign report, monthly or weekly

Have It Your Way

We give you two options: Either sell a Push Notification Service – using your Dashboard to quickly and easily manage Push campaigns and report on the results. Alternatively, offer Clients the ability to run their own Notification programs – using your own-brand Client Portal to construct, run and measure campaign results. Do it for them, or let them do it themselves. Either way, you’re adding a vital income stream – and a new level of stickiness that builds their loyalty to you.

Kumulos Easy Pricing

We offer agency friendly pricing that’s affordable and easy to create your own “Engagement Services” for your clients. Our Push Notification Service fits this bill.

Manage campaigns for your Clients, or let them do it themselves. Whichever way you use Kumulos we make it easy.  

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