Rich, relevant, personalized Push Notifications

Reach and re-engage your customers. Guide, educate and inspire app users so your app becomes irresistible and an indispensable part of their lives.

Understand user behavior and send relevant, highly targeted, personalized content. With Kumulos, solve the biggest challenges apps have today.

  • Hook new downloads and turn them into active users
  • Drive deeper customer engagement
  • Manage Campaigns across Mobile Apps, Progressive Web Apps and Websites
  • Deliver better mobile app & website results

Build powerful, insightful, data driven strategies and keep users coming back for more, one message at a time.


Kumulos,  all you need to target new users with push notifications that keep them coming back.

Grab new users’ attention in the first critical days  – the make or break moment for a new user.

Make sure your users see your value and maximize new user retention.

Event Triggered

Behavior based reminders,  prompt new users to complete registration or check out new features

Automated Intelligent Messaging

Proactively reach out to new users with highly relevant intelligent messages so they see your value

Conversion Funnels & User Journeys

Target user drop offs. Show them what they’re missing

Data Driven

Turn new users quickly into engaged users by understanding their needs and wants

Engage Customers

Keep active users engaged and catch wandering customers early. Keep them interested with intelligent, data-informed, messages. Prevent churn, create loyalty and maximize long term retention, with smart push notifications across mobile apps, websites and PWA’s.

In-App Mobile App Messages

Communicate with All mobile app users – even if they aren’t subscribed for Push Notifications

Location Specific Targeting

Trigger relevant, targeted & personalized messages for mobile app users based on location, triggered by geofences and beacons

Smart Message Center

Inbox that persists messages so users can return to offers. Reduce clutter and set to expire when they are no longer relevant

Location Retargeting

Use location to automatically subscribe mobile app users to a group for re-targeting

Time triggered campaigns

Pre-plan and pre-load a sequence of messages & notifications with our powerful easy to use Campaign Builder


Entice lapsed users with deals and promotions with programmatic messaging

Timezone Specific 

Make sure customers hear from you based on their local timezone

Time targeted

Send messages to users at the time of day they are most receptive

Deep Links & URLs 

Drive user engagement and direct users to specific in-app or web page content


Grab attention with highly personalized messages that’s more than just their name


Custom notifications based on language and/or location

Intelligent Targeting

Use data to target users likely to churn

Retain Customers

With Kumulos you make sure your users are fully engaged, so you retain them for longer. With intelligent push notifications and in app messaging, powered by insightful behavioral analytics, you predict when users start to wander. Then, with automated triggers, send them rich, personalized messages that keep them keen.

User Behavior-triggered

User event trigger automated messages based on user activity or inactivity

High Speed

Communicate in real-time with your users with fast highly responsive messages

Advanced Segmentation

Target specific users with personalized, highly targeted messages

Rich Media

Create impact with Emojis, images, videos, action buttons and GIFS in your messages

Audience Sizing

Clearly see the size of the audience you are targeting

Audience Channels

Send messages based on user preferences or user status

Grow Push Notifications Results

Knowledge is power. Kumulos comes with Messaging and Analytics fully integrated, so you know in perfect detail what’s happening. Spot areas that need improving so you focus resources and get the best bang for your buck, every time.

Understand exactly how your campaigns are performing. Get true, accurate and insightful analysis that includes how many people you targeted with your campaign, how many actually received it, how many clicked and now many unsubscribed. Ask your current messaging provider about Confirmed Delivery Receipts. If they can’t show you how many people actually received your message, then they aren’t giving you the full picture. Enjoy better visibility of campaign performance with Kumulos.

Image of Screen showing app analytics

Integrated Analytics

See how campaigns are performing in micro-detail

Conversion Tracking

Track who got your message, who responds and when, so you know in detail how your campaigns are performing

A/B Testing

Optimize your marketing by testing different messages to see what drives best results

Easy to set up and integrate

Kumulos is built with easy in mind. We have the broadest range of open-sourced SDKs so you have at your finger-tips the power to integrate Kumulos with whatever systems or development platforms you need.  On the web, progressive web apps or mobile apps, we have it covered.

Push API

Send Notifications using business logic driven from existing Customer Management Systems

Analytics API

Be data informed. Sync in real time all data with your existing analytics system.

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