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Push Notifications

Increase user engagement with intelligent, location based, targeted push notifications. Deliver a push notifications service for clients or give them control with an easy-to-use, branded as yours, mobile marketing automation portal.

Kumulos Push Notifications Platform – Key features

  • Give clients control, with an easy-to-use, branded Push Notifications Mobile Marketing Automation Portal
  • Setup automated geolocation campaigns triggered by beacons and/or geofences
  • Use channels to target content at a receptive audience
  • Build segments to filter your target audience
  • Intelligent campaign scheduling, send at appropriate time for each app user
  • View campaign results, track delivery, open-rates, unsubscribes and more…
  • Weekly and monthly reports show engagement and demonstrates your RoI
  • Deliver rich content including emojis, badges, URLs, deep-links and more…
  • Trigger notifications based on in-app events or from any other system via API
  • SDKs for Obj-C, Swift, Android, Xamarin, Cordova, Ionic, ReactNative, and Unity.

Why Kumulos

The Kumulos Push Notification platform lets you offer a push notifications service to your clients to increase engagement in their app. Alternatively, give your clients control with an easy-to-use, branded Push Notifications Mobile Marketing Automation Portal where they can create campaigns and view results. Either way, Kumulos lets you offer more. So you stand out from the crowd and win more projects. Whats more we help you maximize the life-time value of your clients by keeping your customers close, so its you they come to for follow on projects.


Kumulos offers app developer friendly pricing. You pay only for the number of subscribed devices connected to the Kumulos Service, with no upfront costs and no contract. We offer a simple pay monthly and pay only for what you use Pricing model.

Simple, predictable, affordable cost for your business, that’s what you get with Kumulos.

Give Clients Control with a Branded Portal

Use the Kumulos Push Notification platform to deliver a push notifications service to your clients and increase engagement in their app. They get more engaged users, while you get to demonstrate your value, stay close to your clients, identify and win follow-on project work and get them on retainer.

Win more projects by offering each client a login to their own, branded Push Notification portal, where they can build segments, schedule campaigns and send push notifications. Let them view campaign results, track delivery, open-rates and unsubscribes. All under your brand for just a few dollars per day.

Push Notifications Portal

Run Automated Geolocation Campaigns

With the Kumulos Push Notifications Platform, you can quickly and easily create and manage campaigns triggered by geofences or beacons. Manage the campaigns from a secure Notification Portal with your own branding on every touch point.

You can then automate geotargeting campaigns, using rules to send push notifications to subscribers when they enter, exit, linger in a geofence or are near beacons. Use simple radial geofences or easily define complex multi-point polygon geofences to build accurate boundaries to trigger your automation. Run indefinitely or for a limited time only. Preload campaigns in advance and use in conjunction with channels and/or segments to notify the exact, target audience for that campaign.

Use Targeting to Filter your Audience and Improve Results

With channels, you can categorize the content you send and let users opt-in to receive content relevant to them. This ensures a receptive audience for your push notification campaigns.

Build audience segments to target specific users of the app, filtering on data automatically captured by Kumulos, such as location (country or city), operating system (iOS or Android), language, timezone, the version of the app (e.g. to encourage users to update) and recent sessions (e.g. users who have not opened the app in the past week).

Push Notifications Segments

Drive up Engagement with Intelligent Campaign Scheduling

The Kumulos Push Notifications Platform lets you schedule campaigns in advance. You can choose whether to send notifications to everyone at exactly the same time or according to their local timezone, which Kumulos automatically detects.  This ensures that push notifications are sent at the time most appropriate for each user of the app, boosting open-rates.

Push Notifications Scheduling

Track Conversion Rates – Report Campaign Success

Kumulos makes it easy to demonstrate the value of the Push Notifications Service you provide and the Return on Investment for your client:

  • View subscribers by platform
  • Monitor unsubscribes
  • Track open rates
  • View individual campaign results
  • Weekly and Monthly reports, with your branding
  • Integrated analytics showing impact on engagement
Push Notifications Reports

Deliver Rich, Emotive Content to Users

Increase engagement with rich content that users will want to interact with:

  • Full Emoji support
  • Add URL to open web based content
  • Deep linking into specific screens within the app
  • Notifications can be processed in foreground or background
  • Optional JSON payload can be included with notifications
  • Full support for iOS badges
Push Notifications Content

Trigger push notifications from in-app events

With the Kumulos Push Notification Platform, you can programmatically trigger push notifications when specific events occur within the app, such as a new chat message being received. You can also use the RESTful API to trigger push notifications from any other backend system. Whatever the use case, the Kumulos Push Notifications Platform will work for you.

Push Notifications In-App Events

Easy Integration, Broad Platform Coverage

Easily integrate the Kumulos Push Notifications Platform into your app using one of our open-source SDKs:

  • Obj-C or Swift for iOS
  • Android
  • Xamarin
  • Cordova and Ionic
  • ReactNative
  • Unity
Push Notifications Platform Coverage

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