Analytics Dashboard


Bring your customers back to your website with relevant, impactful web push notifications.

Rich, targeted, personalized notifications to connect with your users and offer a seamless, experience across desktop and mobile. Start a meaningful conversation, increase engagement and bring your customers back to your website or PWA.

Easy-to-use, omni-channel user engagement

Campaign Planning

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Use built-in analytics and reports to measure and increase the impact of your notification campaigns.


Deliver personalized notifications to a highly targeted audience with user and behaviour-based segmentation.

Easy opt-in

Acquire more push subscribers with configurable soft-prompts, overlays and content preferences.


Comprehensive APIs

Easy-to-integrate SDKs and RESTful APIs. By developers, for developers.



Automate timely interactions triggered by page view events. Convert more users into loyal customers.

A/B Testing

Experiment with different content and optimize your marketing sending what performs best.


White Label UI

Partner-friendly. Rebrand the console as yours for your team and clients or OEM into your own platform.


Easily connect your own systems using pre-built integrations or our extensible scripting engine.

Right Message. Right User. Right Time.

Combine rich media with user and behaviour-based segmentation and targeting to deliver a meaningful, personalized experience to a highly targeted audience. Advanced-scheduling and intelligent delivery help you reach each user at exactly the right time and bring them back to your website or PWA.

Rich Media

Increase the impact of your web push notification campaigns and re-enforce your brand with images saved in your own media library.

Audience Segmentation

Combine page views and other events with user attributes and content preferences to create a highly receptive audience for each campaign.


Start meaningful two-way conversations by delivering localized, personalized web push notifications to each user.

Grow your audience with Kumulos

Acquire more users more quickly with permission overlays and customizable soft-prompts including Bell, Alert or Banner. Find what suits your brand and re-enforce why users should opt-in to web push notifications.

Manage the content each user receives based on where they have been on your site to ensure they only receive messaging relevant to them or use channels so users can choose what their interests are and only receive notifications for that topic.

Personalize the experience for each user, keep them engaged and retain them longer.

Web Push Notifications - Soft Prompts

Fully Customizable Prompts

Increase opt-in rates with configurable soft-prompts and permission overlays.

Flexible Content Preferences

Manage the content you send based on users behaviour and their own preferences.

Safe and Effective Re-targeting

CCPA and GDPR compliant so you can re-market to past visitors safely and effectively.

Automate Timely Interactions that Convert

Proactively reach out to each user when they are ready to hear from you. Combine page views and events with user attributes and content preferences to trigger automated, personalized web push notifications that will increase conversion.


Map customer journeys and use automated messaging to guide your users along the way.

Page Views & Events

Track every page view and button click. Trigger relevant actions based on users’ behaviour.

Intelligent, Timely Interventions

When necessary, help each user get back on track. Eliminate drop-offs and increase conversion.

Use analytics to increase impact of your campaigns.

Built-in audience, engagement, retention and conversion analytics gives you complete visibility of campaign performance. Real, actionable insights to make data-driven decisions and increase the impact of your web push notification campaigns.

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Integrated Analytics

Built-in analytics gives you real, actionable insights so you can make the right, data-driven decisions.

Messaging Dashboard

Easy-to-use dashboards and reports help you measure and increase the impact of your campaigns.

A/B Testing

Experiment with different content and optimize your marketing sending what performs best.

Easy to integrate. By developers. For developers.

Supporting all major browsers, an open-source SDK makes it easy to add GDPR compliant web push notifications to your website, SPA or PWA. White-label our console or use our RESTful APIs to integrate Kumulos into your own systems and send messages from there. Enrich your own data with real-time analytics and campaign performance. Unify your customer communications.

Push Notifications

Open-source SDK

Easily integrate into your website, SPA or PWA via CDN or NPM package. Supports all major browsers.

Transactional API

Easy-to-use, transactional API lets you send web push notifications from your own systems.

GDPR Compliant

CCPA and GDPR compliant web push notifications with the option of hosting data within the European Union.