Web-to-App Banners

Built on top of our award winning Deferred Deep Linking technology, our smart Web-to-App Banners help you drive more sales from your mobile app whether they already have it installed or not.

Grow your audience by acquiring new, highly-engaged app users through your website and re-engage existing users back by driving them back to your app.

Convert Web Users into App Users

Easily Acquire App Users

Use your most effective customer acquisition channel to convert users through your most effective retention channel

Deferred Deep Linking

Built on our award-winning Deferred Deep Links Feature

Customizable Banners

computer and phone

Customizable banners to encourage users on web to download your app

Engage App Users

Open new channels of communication like Mobile Push Notifications and In-App Messaging

Drive Website-to-App Conversion

Native apps can drive 3x more sales than mobile web making a user on your mobile app far more valuable to your business than a user on your website.

Use your most effective acquisition channel to drive users to your most effective engagement and retention channel with Web-to-App Banners and boost sales by creating a highly engaged mobile audience.

Sandals DDL Banner
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Personalized Links

Include custom information in the link to pre-populate sign-in forms and apply discount promotions to shopping carts.

Smooth Experience

 Whether a new download or an existing app user, Kumulos gets them to the right place to buy.

One Link

You create one link and we work out how to handle users engaging on different devices.

Personal, Engaging Web Banners That Convert

Customize your banner prompt to represent your brand with your logo, app store rating and personalized buttons.

Trigger a banner based on user behaviour at the precise moment it is most likely to convert and acquire a new, highly engaged app user.

Create a personal link that is relevant to the user to encourage them to use your app. Pre-populate incentives such as 20% discounts or buy one get one free offers that are automatically added once the user launches the app.

Engage, Retain and Convert More Users

Creating an app user from mobile web allows you to not only engage users longer and create repeat customers, but also open channels like Mobile Push Notifications and In-App Messaging. These allow you to send personal relevant messaging to your app users exactly when they want to hear from you to raise your user engagement rate and drive more sales.

Bring your website users to your app with the click of a button, drive more sales and open new communication channels all this using a single link.