Easy-to-use, omnichannel user engagement

Make your brand easy to love with relevant, impactful Push Notifications & In-App Messaging.

Reach every user how and when they want to hear from you. Start meaningful conversations and offer a seamless, personalized experience across desktop and mobile. Increase engagement and bring your customers back to you.

Industries - Retail, QSRs & Customer Loyalty

End-to-end customer engagement. Amplify revenues, build resilience, and accelerate brand loyalty.

Deliver an unparalleled customer experience that flies in the face of convention

We give ecommerce brands the power to engage, empower and retain their customers.

From compelling connections to effortless engagement, uncover your potential for reinvention and resilience.

Sports & Fan Engagement

Strengthen connections, enrich the fan experience and make every moment matter.

Retail, QSRs & Customer Loyalty

The Kumulos platform of services has been built from the ground up to give your team total data visibility, bridging the gaps and starting a meaningful, valuable conversation between your business and your customers – wherever they are. The result? Hyper-engaged, fiercely-loyal customers for QSRs and retailers who need to do more than pay lip service.

Travel, Leisure & Hospitality

The 21st-century traveler: tech-savvy, ultra-connected and rightly expecting every travel and hospitality brand they interact with to provide a safe, dependable and unsurpassed white-glove experience wherever and however they choose – but why bother just optimizing when you can revolutionize instead?


Kumulos helps future-focused brands just like yours to connect meaningfully with customers and deliver world-class digital experiences – experiences that engage your audience, elevate your reputation and boost your revenues.

Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

Staying relevant in 2021’s rapidly changing landscape can be challenging. But with right data at your fingertips, mattering has never been so easy. Intelligent targeting that meets users where they are, real-time automated messaging to help you say the right thing when you find them, a single pane of glass that shows you what and why – Kumulos puts the power back in your hands (and not your competitors).

Sports & Fan Engagement

The world of sports has changed. In season, off-season, in the stadium or increasingly at home, true innovation means meeting the new sports fan with unforgettable digital experiences – wherever and whenever they want you.