best app store optimization agencies

Best App Store Optimization Agencies 2018

To put it succinctly: there are a lot of apps out there. How many? According to our pals over at Business of Apps, as of 2017, the Apple App Store contained over two million apps, while the Google Play Store…

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Mobile World Congress 2018

As day one of Mobile World Congress (the largest mobile conference of the year) draws to a close, we are starting to get a pretty good idea of the trends that will dominate our industry for the year to come.…

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mobile app trends 2018

Top Mobile App Trends for 2018

The new year always brings a sense bit of excitement with it. Here in Scotland, the locals get VERY excited about the New Year. We’re all familiar with the song Auld Lang Syne, of course. But did you know that…

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top atlanta mobile software developers

Top Atlanta Mobile Software Developers 2018

When people think of Georgia and Atlanta in particular, mostly images of peaches, Coca-Cola and large antebellum plantations spring to mind. But “Hotlanta” has a lot more to offer than big old houses and sugar water. Atlanta is also home…

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top 5 app marketing tips

Top 5 App Marketing Tips

Once upon a time, in the distant past (let’s say about 10 years ago) clients came to your company with an idea for an app. You developed the app, submitted it to the app store and that was the end…

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managing scope creep

3 Tips for Managing Scope Creep

Managing an app project for a client, whether large or small, is no easy task. Keeping the ship on course while it’s pulled about by the currents and winds of changing client demands, budget constraints and your looming deadlines can…

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best texas mobile app agencies 2017

Top Texas Mobile App Agencies 2017

Cowboy hats? Check. Horses. Check. Lone Star Beer. Check. Yep – Texas has all these things, but there’s one thing that Texas has more than any other state in the US – and that’s Tech (with a capital T). In…

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make money with crash reporting

3 Ways to Make Money with Crash Reporting

We don’t want apps to crash. Right? Well, even when an app does crash, there could be a silver lining there for you. We’re going to suggest a few simple ways to turn mobile app crashes to your advantage and…

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