PC sales are doing great! Said no one ever.

It’s not a secret these days that PCs aren’t exactly as popular as they once were. Mobile has been rapidly eating into their market share and mobile data useage is coming up behind PC data use fast. Microsoft is posting…

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Mobile Ad Revenue Pushes $9 Billion in 2013

IAB has recently published a report on Global Advertising Revenue and how it has increased 83% from 2012 to 2013. The majority of this is due to search and display adverts which has been helping to push it towards $9…

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Mobile gaming, the only way forward?

Mobile gaming is big, really big. But then we all knew that right? Well, apparently Zynga didn’t, and they are somewhat unsurprisingly going straight down the toilet. To give you an example, two mobile gaming companies Supercell and Gung-Ho have…

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