Firefox OS Is In Demand It Seems

It seems like every time you turn around at the moment there is another Open Source mobile OS arriving on the scene looking to target the middleware and lower tier markets. Sailfish, Tizen, Alyun and of course, Mozilla’s Firefox OS.…

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Google IO: A Few Things We Hope We Get

In recent times, Google have managed to become a very impressive force in bringing us interesting and sought after gadgetry. First, of course, there was Android, and well, we all know how that’s going. There was the Nexus 7 which…

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Iceland’s “Anti-Incest” App

Here are Kumulos we often talk about good app design (well, we say often, we know it’s more like all the freaking time, but seriously guys, it’s important). It’s one of the major keys in making a successful app on the…

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