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QSRs & COVID – the Mobile Response

Haircuts, holidays, hugs. There are lots of things we’ve all had to live without for the past 4 months. And whilst we may be able to live with a mullet hairstyle indefinitely, the one thing we can’t do without –…

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Mobile the answer to COVID-19 Safe travel

Mobile is the answer to COVID-19 safe travel

With so much disruption to our daily routines, travelling safely on public transport has been one of the biggest challenges facing societies as they try to get back to some form of normal. During times of social change, it’s incredible…

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apps on iphone

App Store Review Guidelines March 2020

For the first time this decade, Apple has reviewed its guidelines to continue to provide the best possible service to app users. 77% of Apple devices less than four years old use iOS 13, so Apple believes all apps on…

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Goodbye Fabric, Hello Firebase

As of April 1st, Fabric will be no more… no it’s not a terrible, drawn-out April fool’s joke. Google has deprecated Fabric and moved Crashlytics services to its new home in Firebase. You’re probably already familiar with Firebase but if…

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